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How to Write an Application for a Teaching Job


Seeking a teaching job isn’t easy, even if you have an impressive record or the appropriate qualification. A teacher’s post relies on presentation. Have you ever sat down to prepare a regular job application letter? If you had, then you must be aware of the precision it requires.

Perhaps, you have some best teaching skills. But do you know how to express them in a teacher’s job application letter? Let’s make the task easier for you! And in case you are new to the process, or you are finding difficulty in creating a perfect application for your next school teacher job, this is, no doubt, the right place for you. 

For instance, an application letter for a teacher in school must be presented with all your qualities and skills. They should not only be competitive but must be unique and impressive too.

The letter must intrigue the recruiters and convince them that you are the right person. It can leave an impact and make it easier for you to crack the interview.

And it can be challenging but never hard. All you need to do is take some time out and spend it on creating a teacher’s application letter which describes your skills at their best. 

So, let’s get started by understanding the major aspects of writing a teacher’s job application.

How to write an application for a teaching job?

There are so many factors that can ensure what a proper job application can do to boost your chances.

It is indeed what represents you and your work. Basically, it helps you to present your attributes in a suitable way using the right words and sentences.  All you need to do is use the letter as a form to increase your opportunity and chances. 

It’s the application cover letter that convinces the recruiter to go through your resume. The application mainly contains your skill sets, passion, specializations, and other unique qualities. 

As you know, a teacher’s job doesn’t end with having degrees. It depends upon a lot of other abilities, including management. Writing an application letter for a teacher in a school will allow you to add everything that is required to be shortlisted for the interview.

How writing a job application helps?

These are some basic reasons why application letters are very important.

  • It helps in introducing your skills and qualities.
  • Allows you to express your motives and interest in a vast way.
  • Improves your chances to get selected.
  • The application letter enables you to convince the recruiter solely through your interests and passion.
  • You can mention your attributes concisely with clarity.
  • Gives a clear picture of your strengths.
  • Adds value to your experience and qualification.
  • A unique letter can make you stand out in the competition.

You need to make these pointers be effectively emphasized while writing a teacher’s job application. 

What to write in a job application for a teacher?

You don’t have to worry thinking about how exactly to start creating an application for the post of a teacher or a job cover letter.

It’s easy to understand and write if learned in steps. Divide the letter into three sections. It will enable you to put down all the necessary details relevant to a teacher’s job.

Once you can make it concise but subtly detailed, it means you have nailed the job application. By three sections, it means that the letter must involve three paragraphs. Within these paragraphs, you must include both basic details and the extra efficiency that you can offer. 

Does it sound complicated? 

Step-by-Step Process of writing in a Teacher’s Job Application Letter

The introductory para:

A well-written job application is all about clarity and presentation. Make sure the opening paragraph doesn’t lack any respect.

Do remember that the employers are reading your application by spending ample time. Mention that you are thankful to them for reading your letter.

So, to begin with, always start with a sentence like the mail is written in response or consideration of the post or advertisement that you came across.

This can further lead you to showcase your interest in applying for the job.

Don’t forget to mention the exact position you are applying for. You can write your experience and other credentials, including your skills, qualification, and certifications. If you are new to the profession, express your intent and motivation. 

It’s challenging as a fresher. The more qualities you are able to provide, the better will be your impression. It can involve your participation in extracurricular activities or certification and accomplishments as a student.

The emphasis on your teaching abilities and your other performances in the profession, is a huge benefit.

The Body of the Application Letter

This is where the actual challenge belongs. Once you can give a good start to your teacher’s job application letter, it’s very relevant to keep it up throughout. The middle paragraph must be the crux of the application. This will ensure your ability and strengths. 

There are certain questions you need to consider for making this part interesting to the employer.  

  • What are your best qualities as an Educator? 
  • How can you fight your limitations?
  • What’s the special category that you have mastered?
  • Why should you be selected amidst hundreds of applications?
  • Are you ready to dedicate yourself well enough to the profession?

These are some basic questions that can help you write your application in a formidable way.

Experienced candidates can have benefits here. You need to mention all your past records and achievements, and that will increase your chances. Especially if you have exceptional credits in your former school, you have a great chance to easily reach the interview stage.

Now the important part is the words and sentences you use. You don’t have to force yourself to figure out bigger words to stand out. A little bit of expression with accurate use of words is the best way. At the same time, a professional form of description is a must.

For example, in your teaching career, you may have successfully helped the students by inculcating environmental sustainability. This accomplishment must be added to your achievement. 

You can describe it as:

‘Had successfully encouraged students’ involvement in spreading awareness for the betterment of the environment and humanistic well-being.’

This will give a clear idea about your interactions in the past institution. With these writing tips for application letters for teaching at a school, your application can gain further weightage with as many accomplishments as you have achieved.

Concluding the Application

Keep up the gratitude and thankfulness as you conclude the letter. You need to make sure that the impact of your application stays till the last line you finish. 

If you have left out any specific accomplishments in the above paragraphs, feel free to add them in the final paragraph.

Always let them know that you are open to exploring your position, and you wouldn’t restrict yourself to only one kind of purpose.

Do not lengthen the paragraph, as the conclusion must be wrapped concisely. Finish the last line by expressing that you are awaiting their response.

Sample for School Teacher’s Job Application:

Subject: Job application for school teacher’s job


This mail is in response to the post I saw online regarding a school teacher’s job at (school name). I have heard about the institution and its reputation. I hope that you find my job profile interesting and suitable for the post.

I am curious about my subject, and I have always ensured that I keep improving the skills and abilities I had learned. I am looking for an environment where I can build further prospects in my profession and encourage students to indulge creatively for a better outcome. 

I am sure this will also help in the growth of the language and the subject I am involved with.

I hope this mail comes to your attention and you would consider me suitable for the position.

Yours sincerely,



Sample for Job Application for English Teacher in School 

Subject: Job application for English teacher


This response is in regards to the job requirement I came across (mention the media). It leaves me with immense excitement to write this letter for a teacher’s position at your institution. I have always looked for a bigger prospect in terms of improving my professional endeavours.

I am a qualified English literature teacher with 4 years experience at a well-known institution. My interest in the language is what motivates me to enhance my abilities and skills as an educator.

I have intensely indulged in developing good literary and communication skills in the English language among students.

I can promise that I am not restricted by my teaching abilities alone as I have also been part of leadership events in the former institute. 

I find this opportunity to further empower myself as a better professional educator. I am sure that I will be able to grow and work hard on keeping up with the required standards of your school.

I hope you find my job profile relevant. I will be excited to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,



Sample for Job Application for Nursery School Teacher

Subject: Job application for nursery teacher’s profile


I am writing this application in response to the online advertisement I came across on(mention the site). I went through the profile in detail and found the job suitable for my qualification and abilities. It gives me immense pleasure to apply as a candidate for a nursery teacher’s job at your institution.

I had worked as an assistant teacher for more than a year after I qualified academically. I have been working as a nursery teacher for the last 5 years with sheer passion and dedication.

I am currently looking for more challenges and a working environment where I can use my teaching abilities to my full potential.

My prime focus has always been to ensure that each student learns at his/her best and pushes them to educate and enjoy themselves.

I strongly believe that my abilities and teaching skills are unique, and at the same time, I wish to further develop and learn more as my profession grows.

I hope my accomplishments would be convincing enough to consider me for the post.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,



Are you looking forward to writing a teacher’s job application?

A job application for the teacher’s profile means to boost your teaching profession. 

Are you looking forward to applying for a new job or to start a new tenure as a Teacher? Don’t be hesitant to work on an application letter.

A crisp and clear presentation of your job is the best form to convince and impress the employer. Beyond that, the competition has always been tough. It’s not possible to crack everything you apply for. You might be fumbling around job sites looking for what suits you.

Once you are able to find the right opportunity, it all depends on your skill and potential. You can’t miss expressing as much as you should in a job application. Don’t shy away from writing it in detail. Put everything that you believe you possess in terms of accomplishments, abilities, and uniqueness. 

The more descriptive you are able to place yourself, the better are your chances. Make sure that your level of confidence and passion is well written. It must successfully display your eagerness and energy as a teaching professional. 

The above-given samples and writing tips for application letters for teaching at a school can effortlessly help you get a gist of nailing an application letter. 

So, no more introspection on how to present yourself, get started with your teacher’s job application!


Q.1 What’s the basic format for teachers’ application letters?

Ans. The simplest and basic format involves three paragraphs. They must include your purpose for the application. It should begin with a crisp introduction, then a middle para about your accomplishments, and finally, a short conclusion. 

Q.2 Why is it important to send a job application letter?

Ans. A teacher’s application letter will enhance your opportunities. In this competitive sector, reaching a stage to get selected requires a good presentation. Writing an application can clear the hurdles from your way to get shortlisted.

Q.3 What are the chances for a student teacher to get selected?

It doesn’t matter if you are a student teacher or a professional teacher. An application letter is very crucial for both. However, being a professional teacher, your experiences can add benefit. At the same time, a fresher can mention their ability and accomplishments in place of experience. 

Q.4 How can a teacher’s job application help boost chances?

The best way to impress your selector is to express or present your nature as an educator. What else can you do better than a perfect application letter describing a detailed version of yourself? A job application not only presents your abilities and qualifications, but It also describes your personality and character. 

Q.5 Does a teaching job really need an application letter?

Yes, it does. Teaching is one of the noble professions. It requires a person with adequate skills and good characteristics. Your qualifications, accomplishments, abilities all matter. Therefore, a teacher’s job application boosts your chances. It allows the selector to decide if you are the right one for the job. 

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