8 Highest Paying Jobs in Finance [2024]

By Team foundit

April 25 2024

Finance Careers: High Payoff

Cracking the finance industry can be rewarding. Explore highest-paying finance jobs that offer good salaries and career growth in India.

Investment Banker

Advise companies on raising capital, manage mergers & acquisitions.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹15 lakh

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Analyze investments, build financial models, guide clients on investment decisions.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹18 lakh

Risk Manager

Assess financial risks, design strategies to protect companies from financial losses.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹12 lakh

Private Equity Associate

Invest in private companies, manage funds, and help businesses grow.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹16 lakh

Financial Analyst

Analyze financial data, research investment opportunities, create financial reports.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹10 lakh


Apply math & statistics to assess risks in insurance & finance.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹20 lakh

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lead a company's financial operations, manage budgets & financial reporting.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹30 lakh+

Company Secretary

Ensure legal & regulatory compliance, advise on corporate governance.  Avg. Annual Salary: ₹14 lakh

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