Google and Indian Apps: What's Happening and Next Steps?

By Team foundit

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March  04, 2024

Know all about the recent delisting of popular Indian apps from Google Play Store, the ongoing discussions, and alternative job search platforms for job seekers.

Indian Apps Delisted from Play Store

Several popular Indian apps, including, kukufm,, and 99acres, were recently delisted from the Google Play Store for violating their billing system policy.

Google Offers Compromise Solution

Google has proposed a compromise solution to allow the apps to use their own payment systems instead of Google's, avoiding the commission fees associated with Google Pay.

Google Restored Indian Apps

Google restores all recent delisted Indian apps following intervention from the Indian government.

Next: Finding Jobs in India

While the situation with Google Play Store and Indian apps unfolds, job seekers in India still have various great alternatives for job search. Here are three popular platforms: 



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Zuno by foundit

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LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can also be a valuable tool for job seekers. Build your profile and connect with professionals in your field, .