Google STEP Internship 2024: Important Details

By team foundit

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January 9, 2024

What is Google STEP Program?

Google's Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP) is a 12-week internship for undergraduate students in their 1st and 2nd years with a strong interest in CS/IT.

Who Can Apply?

Open to Indian students in B.Tech/B.E. (2nd year onwards) or M.Tech (1st year).

Application Deadline

Applications for Google STEP Internship 2024 closes on January 19th.

STEP Internship Duration

Google STEP Internship duration is 10-12 week, between May and August 2024.

Resume Tip

Submit a strong resume highlighting your academic achievements, relevant projects, and technical skills.

Application Tip: Round 1

Use keywords like "machine learning," "data analysis," or "web development" to grab attention.

Coding Skill: Round 2

Practice coding challenges to hone your skills in programming (C++, Java, Python), data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving.

Interview: Final Round

Be prepared to answer questions about your projects, technical knowledge, and why you're passionate about Google.