8 Highest Paying Jobs in India After Engineering

By Team foundit

April 3, 2024

Top Career Choices After Engineering

Just graduated with your engineering degree? Feeling overwhelmed by job options?   This guide explores 8 high-paying engineering careers in India.

1. Data Scientist  (Avg: ₹12-25 LPA)

Analyze data, solve problems, and predict future trends. A high-demand role offering excellent compensation in the data-driven era.

2. Machine Learning Engineer  (Avg: ₹10-30 LPA)

Build and deploy AI/ML systems as a ML engineer. This field commands top pay across industries due to high demand.

3. Aerospace Engineer (Avg: ₹ 6-25 LPA)

Design and build incredible flying machines! Aerospace Engineers work on airplanes, spacecraft, and more.

4. Full Stack Developer (Avg: ₹6-18 LPA)

Full stack developers have the knowledge of multiple technologies  that are  crucial for web apps. Their versatility leads to lucrative salaries in software development.

5. Cloud Architect (Avg: ₹12-30 LPA)

Design and manage cloud computing systems as a cloud architect. High demand for cloud expertise translates to competitive pay in this rapidly growing field.

6. DevOps Engineer (Avg: ₹8-20 LPA)

Streamline software delivery through automation as a DevOps engineer. This role bridges development and operations, commanding strong salaries.

7. Cyber Security Specialist (Avg: ₹8-25 LPA)

Protect systems and data as a cyber security specialist. With increasing cyber threats, this role is in high demand and offers lucrative compensation.

8. Mobile App Developer  (Avg: ₹5-15 LPA)

Build innovative mobile apps as a developer. Strong skills in iOS or Android app development can lead to rewarding career opportunities and pay.