Most Asked Angular Interview Questions in 2024

By Team foundit

May 3, 2024

Top 8 Angular Interview Questions

Preparing for the Angular interview? Here's a guide to the most asked Angular interview questions in 2024 to help you succeed.

1. Component Basics

What are Angular components? Explain the component lifecycle in Angular.

2. Data Binding

Discuss the different types of data binding in Angular (One-way vs. Two-way).

3. Services

What are Angular services and how are they used in an Angular application?

4. Directives

Explain the purpose and functionality of directives in Angular.

5. Routing

How do you handle routing in an Angular application?

6. Dependency Injection

What is dependency injection in Angular? Why is it used?

7. HTTP Calls

How do you make HTTP calls in an Angular application?

8. Testing

Why is unit testing important in Angular development? Describe different testing approaches.

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