Most Asked SQL Interview Questions in 2024

By Team foundit

May 13, 2024

Top 10 SQL Interview Questions

Cracking the code for your dream SQL job? Brush up on these frequently asked interview questions!

1. Explain SELECT statement

What's the basic structure of a SELECT statement in SQL?

2. JOINs in SQL

How do you join multiple tables in SQL? Explain different join types.

3. Filtering data with WHERE clause

How do you filter data based on specific conditions using WHERE clause?

4. Grouping data with GROUP BY

How to group data and apply aggregate functions (COUNT, SUM, AVG) using GROUP BY?

5. Ordering data with ORDER BY

How to sort data in ascending or descending order using ORDER BY?

6. Subqueries in SQL

What are subqueries and how can you use them in SQL statements?

7. Explain UNION and UNION ALL

Differentiate between UNION and UNION ALL for combining data sets.

8. Aggregate Functions

List two common aggregate functions used in SQL.

9. Write a query to find the top 5 customers

Can you write a SQL query to find the top 5 customers based on their purchase history?

10. SQL Injection

How can you prevent SQL injection attacks?

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