Top 10 TCS HR Interview Questions [2024]

By Team foundit

May 10, 2024

TCS HR Interview Ready?

Landed a TCS interview? Prep with these top 10 TCS HR interview questions for 2024.

Tell Me About Yourself

Craft a compelling introduction highlighting your skills and career goals. Briefly mention relevant achievements and experiences.

Why TCS?

Research TCS! Show genuine interest in the company's mission, values, and projects. Highlight why TCS aligns with your career aspirations.

Are You a Team Player?

Showcase your ability to collaborate effectively. Mention past experiences where teamwork led to success.

Strength & Weaknesses

Be honest! Discuss your strengths relevant to the role. Acknowledge a weakness and how you're working to improve.

Salary Expectations

Research average IT salaries in India. Be realistic and flexible in your negotiation range.

Relocation Possible?

TCS has offices across India. Be upfront about your relocation flexibility for project requirements.

TCS Knowledge

Research TCS! Demonstrate basic knowledge of their services, industry presence, and recent achievements.

Night Shifts Okay?

TCS projects may require night shifts.  Express your willingness to adapt if needed.

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