Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India [2024]

By Team foundit

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1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are in high demand, using their skills to solve complex problems and drive business growth.  Avg. Salary: ₹10-15 LPA

2. AI/ ML Engineer

Design and deploy AI systems, shaping the future of technology.   Avg. Salary: ₹12-18 LPA

3. Software Engineer

From front-end to back-end, Software Developers build websites and applications from scratch.   Avg. Salary: ₹8-12 LPA

4. Product Manager

Product Managers oversee the product lifecycle, from concept to launch and beyond.   Avg. Salary: ₹12-20 LPA

5. Surgeons

Save lives, and your bank account. Surgeons command top earnings.  Avg. Salary: ₹15-30 LPA

6. Blockchain Developer

Develop and maintain decentralized applications and systems, shaping the future of finance and technology.   Avg. Salary: ₹15-25 LPA

7. Pilot

Soar the skies, and your income. Pilots enjoy high salaries.   Avg. Salary: ₹15-30 LPA.

8. Chartered Accountant

CA handles financial audits, taxation, and consultancy services, becoming a trusted advisor. Avg. Salary: ₹10-20 LPA.

9. Investment Banker

Manage financial transactions for corporations and governments, and influence the global economy.  Avg. Salary: ₹15-25 LPA.

10. Lawyer

Lawyers represent clients in legal matters, navigating the world of law and advocating for fairness.   Avg. Salary: ₹10-15 LPA

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