Top Companies Hiring Business Analysts in Early-April 2024

By Team foundit

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March 28, 2024

Top Business Analyst Jobs in India

Kickstart your Business Analyst (BA) career! Explore companies actively recruiting BAs in India for early April 2024.


Global US-based firm offering a range of professional services across 30+ countries.   Business Analyst Openings: 136

Amazon Music

4th largest music streaming platform with 80 million+ users; owned by Amazon.   Business Analyst Openings: 64


Big 4 Dutch MNC offering financial audit, tax, and advisory services across 145 countries.  Business Analyst Openings: 42

LTIMindtree Limited

A L&T subsidiary which has grown into one of India's largest IT services companies.  Business Analyst Openings: 38

Tata Group

India's largest conglomerate with market capitalisation across 150+ countries & over $28 trillion.   Business Analyst Openings: 35

Chase Bank

An American bank and a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase with a revenue of over $124 billion.  Business  Analyst Openings: 27


A multi-billion dollar tech company that was founded in India and is HQ'd in US.  Business  Analyst Openings: 19


Barclays is a British multinational bank that offers financial services globally in 39 countries.  Business Analyst Openings: 16

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