Top Companies Hiring for SQL DBA in Late-March 2024

By Team foundit

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March 21, 2024

SQL DBA professionals are in demand! Here are some top companies that are hiring for SQL DBA in India in March 2024.


A global computer tech company focusing database software and cloud engineering systems. SQL DBA Openings: 39


Singapore-based online travel agency catering primarily to consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. SQL DBA Openings: 7


American MNC offering financial products and services facilitating the movement of roughly $9 trillion globally. SQL DBA Openings: 10

TATA Group

India's largest conglomerate with market capitalisation across 150+ countries & over $28 trillion. SQL DBA Openings: 17


Japanese company that specialising in diverse products like digital systems, power and renewable energy solutions, etc. SQL DBA Openings: 4


World's 2nd largest computer vendor that develops PCs, printers & related supplies, and 3D printing services. SQL DBA Openings: 6

LTI Mindtree

A L&T subsidiary which has grown into one of India's largest IT services companies. Data Analyst Openings: 7

CGI Inc.

Canadian IT consulting and software development company based in 40+ countries with around 400+ offices. SQL DBA Openings: 6

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