Top Companies Hiring for SQL Freshers in Early-March 2024

By Team foundit

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February 29, 2024

SQL Freshers are in demand! Here are some top companies that are hiring SQL Freshers in India in March 2024.


Global US-based firm offering a range of professional services across 30+ countries. SQL Fresher Openings: 371


American IT services and consulting company and a subsidiary of Hitachi with revenue of over $850 million. SQL Fresher Openings: 130

TATA Group

India's largest conglomerate with market capitalisation across 150+ countries & over $28 trillion. SQL Fresher Openings: 97


A multi-billion dollar tech company that was founded in India and is HQ'd in US. SQL Fresher Openings: 85


A global computer tech company focusing database software and cloud engineering systems. SQL Fresher Openings: 72


British multinational universal bank, headquartered in London with £25 billion+ annual operating revenue. SQL Fresher Openings: 59

Amazon Music

4th largest music streaming platform with 80 million+ users; owned by Amazon. SQL Fresher Openings: 53


Capgemini is a French IT services and consulting company that operates across 50+ countries. SQL Fresher Openings: 49

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With dedication, preparation, and a clear career vision, you can secure your dream SQL Fresher role in one of the top companies.