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If you've envisioned yourself at the forefront of AI and Web3 innovation, then Nethermind offers the perfect opportunity to transform that vision into reality.

Nethermind is a Blockchain Research and Software Engineering company. We empower enterprises and developers worldwide to access and build on the decentralized web. Our work touches every part of the blockchain ecosystem - from fundamental cryptography research to application-layer protocol development.

We are currently seeking talented and passionate Engineers with experience in AI/ML to join our growing AI Assistants team. Successful candidates will research, design, develop, train and test AI tools/agents to automate many functions of our delivery. The successful candidates will embody the entrepreneurial spirit, possess self-drive and demonstrate a genuine interest in Artificial Intelligence. If you are passionate about shaping the future of technology and thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, we invite you to explore this exciting opportunity with us. Join us as we redefine possibilities and unlock the full potential of AI.


Perform R&D in the area of incorporating LLMs into various company-wide tasks
Prototyping, designing and development of LLM-based solutions
Working and experimenting with the latest tools and technologies in the AI area
Opportunity to work with the top software engineers and research professionals to solve the toughest technical challenges
Stay updated with new developments and research in the AI/ML space (LLM in particular)


Excellent programming skills, no preferred language but knowledge of those popular for AI/ML will be beneficial (eg. Python)
Understanding of good software architecture and engineering process
Ability to write clean, testable, and maintainable code without over-engineering
Research, learning and ideating-oriented mindset
Familiarity with tools such as ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity and similar tools
An entrepreneurial nature, willing to take ownership and run toward problems
Several years of experience in software development and a strong Computer Science background
Analytical and detail-oriented mindset for designing, validating and comparing experiment results

Nice to have:

Experience with development of LLM-based solutions
ML/Data science experience, especially in the field of NLP
Prompt-engineering skills
Experience with vector embeddings and using vector databases
Experience with LLM fine-tuning, including model quantization
Experience with LangChain, SemanticKernel or similar
Experience with local running open-source LLM models like Llama2 or Mistral
Experience in design RAG solutions
Knowledge of LLM-related security concerns like prompt injection, training data poisoning etc.
A fascination with the inner working of LLM, GPT and similar models
Knowledge of LLM internals and architecture
Familiarity with any of the topics like: zero-knowledge systems, blockchain, cryptography or mathematical background
Having activity on GitHub is a significant advantage (please include links to projects or PRs that you have submitted to external projects)

Disclaimer: I hereby consent to my personal information being stored and processed by Demerzel Solutions Limited (t/a Nethermind) (the Company) for recruitment purposes in relation to both the selected job role and any other role the Company considers me a qualified candidate for. All data storing and processing by the Company takes place in accordance with the UK GDPR. Kindly refer to our privacy policy for more details.
Your consent to share personal information is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw your consent at any time. Should you have any questions about this process, or wish to withdraw your consent please contact: [Confidential Information]

What are we all about

We are a team of builders and researchers on a mission to empower enterprises and developers worldwide to access and build on decentralized systems.

Our expertise covers several domains: Ethereum and Starknet protocol engineering, layer-2, cryptography research, protocol research, decentralized finance (DeFi), security auditing, formal verification, real-time monitoring, smart contract development, and dapps and enterprise engineering.

Working to solve some of the most challenging problems in the blockchain space, we frequently collaborate with, such as Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, Gnosis Chain, Flashbots, Forta Protocol, Lido, EigenLayer, Open Zeppelin, RISCZero, Aleph Zero, and many more.

Today, there are nearly 200 of us working remotely from over 45+ countries.

View all our open positions here:


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