Chef de Partie

1-3 years
2 months ago
Job Description

Job Description

Members ofthe Kitchen Department are responsible for ensuring that all visitors to thehotel are delighted by the quality, creativity, and variety of our food andbeverage offerings in every area of the hotel, and that F& B is regarded asa strong point of differentiation for the hotel in its local market.A Chef de Partie is responsible for the oversight of all culinary dishes thatare prepared in their section. Because of this, a successful Chef de Partiemust be very knowledgeable about their specialty, as well as culinary functionsin general. A person in this role must also be very organized and comfortableworking in a high-pressure environment. A Chef de Partie must also be able togive orders within their section, as well as reliably carry out orders handeddown to them by the Sous Chef and Head Chef.


. Bachelor's Degree or any culinary degree
. Must have worked at least one year as a Chef de Partie in Hotels and Restaurants
. Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
. Strongly committed to teamwork and customer service
. Eye for detail to achieve operational excellence

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