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Job Description

Job Description

The role is responsible for planning, directing and managing the overall financial operations of the Unit by overseeing the entire gamut of strategic and operational aspects of Finance & Accounts,MIS , Procurement , IT ,Secretarial ( SET/SEC compliances being a listed company ), Taxation and Audit activities. This role will plan and review financial strategies while ensuring prudent financial management along with corporate governance and statutory compliance inclduning supporting local level HR . This role also requires active involvement and support in formulating and executing strategy to ensure meeting business objectives of growth & new capacity/products sales, revenues, realizations, cost budgets by efficient use of internal and external resources. To manage external relationships & good corporate governance with various stakeholders including government, customers & investorsIt will also work towards to establishing effective financial and internal control systems to promote overall profitability and growth

Major Challenges:

  • Thailand is a high cost country considering higher wage , power and other costs and hence it is very important that the company maintains and improve on its cost competitiveness by continuously monitoring and comparing operational norms with other units to remain competitive in long run as

  • Keeping various fixed costs like man power , stores and admin cost etc in control and plan for reduction to remain competitive

  • Maximize returns while monitoring growth and increasing expectations on production output and production mix for maximising revenue by increasing shares of specialty fibers like Modal ,Non woven and micro denier

  • Being more than 80% of fiber exported , it is very important to maintain high standard of customer service with on time delivery of right quality products

Due to location issue of plant difficult to get right quality of talent and keep them motivated. This becomes more challenging considering SH ( Stores) , IT ( SH & SH) and Accounts ( SH) being due for retirement in next 1-2 years

  • Procurement of key raw materials ( excl Pulp) at competitive pricing and maintaining inbound and outbound logistics at reasonable costs ( considering higher volume of import and exports) is a constant challenge as well as very important for survival and growth of the company
  • Ensuring legal compliances including listed company requirements , taxation , transfer pricing , BOI privileges ,environment and various other laws

Key Result Areas

Supporting Actions

Finance & Accounts

  • Develop financial strategy and prepare annual budgets in line with the business plan to achieve growth, profitability and return of capital
  • Formulate strategies to make sound investments of funds generated through sales and liaise with financial institutions to ensure availability of funds at low cost
  • Oversee the book of accounts through regular audits and ensure timely closures
  • Monitor fund utilization in the Unit and manage working capital to ensure maximum returns for the business
  • Plan and establish appropriate internal systems & controls as well as SOPs to ensure sound financial processes
  • Review financial budgets of the Unit and identify areas for corrective actions to control any variance
  • Ensure proper risk coverage to safeguard company interest by monitoring the local financial market and that of other countries

Taxation, Reporting & Audit

  • Ensure all processes are aligned to corporate governance norms and statutory compliances
  • Liaise with various government authorities & local bodies to stay updated on tax laws and ensure compliance requirements are completed in a timely manner
  • Represent the interest of the Industry with major government agencies and at industrial forums to ensure support and cooperation
  • Ensure tax related activities are properly discharged and government related benefits utilized from time and time
  • Ensure availability of timely, relevant and reliable financial information for use in making important business decisions.
  • Provide appropriate reports and information to management on the financial position of the Unit at regular intervals
  • Ensure timely and accurate preparation of financial and accounting reports for the management


  • Coordinate Board meetings with Board members, Shareholders and external Stakeholders
  • Draft and share meeting agendas, review inclusion / exclusion collate agenda items to ensure smooth communication and conduct of board and committee meetings
  • Provide direction on compliance and regulatory issues and ensure adherence to policies
  • Plan ,conduct and manage shareholders meeting as per law
  • Ensure that the constitution of the board complies to the secretarial guidelines, by keeping the management informed of the new norms

Procurement , Logistics & Stores

  • Prepare cost effective sourcing strategy for procurement of raw materials
  • Identify potential vendors and get involved in strategic vendor negotiations
  • Build a strong rapport with key vendors to ensure competitive costs and superior quality of raw material
  • Institute proper systems and controls to monitor procurement process
  • Review product pricing from time to time and make recommendations
  • Ensure proper inventory at stores , highlight higher consumption items , ageing issue and key deviations wrt to budget

Support Marketing Function

  • Work closely with the Marketing team to understand customer expectations
  • Provide support in completing documentation linked to contracts and ensuring timely shipping of material to the customer
  • Review feedback received from customer and further improve areas of concern highlighted by them
  • Manage warehouse to ensure right quality of dispatches to customers and maintain minimum level of un-current finished goods

Support HR Function

  • Work closely with the central HR team for expat related documentation and payroll



  • Ensure smooth implementation of IT activities and related policies for the business
  • Set and define processes, and standards for level of service and delivery expected from the team
  • Oversee review of existing IT assets, assess cost effectiveness and identify obsolete technology solutions periodically
  • Oversee compliance of all IT systems and infrastructure with security guidelines and SOPs

Team Management

  • Build and develop a highly skilled team to provide adequate finance and accounting support to the business
  • Provide continuous feedback and guidance to team members to ensure learning and growth
  • Promote knowledge sharing sessions and ensure necessary training is provided to the team

Banks & Financial Institutions


Investments, Loans, Fund Management

Government & Statutory Bodies



Statutory Auditors


Statutory Audits


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