High-end Manager

5-7 years
2 months ago
Job Description

The High-end Manager will be the reference for all HEB matters in Thailand and possesses expert knowledge in Highend Business (HEB) categories (HH, HJ & HJW) and is responsible for driving the high-end business sales objectives of all local boutiques in Thailand. The person will also act as the key person in developing the HJ client base and nurturing the client relationship/engagement with HJ clients. The person will inspire and motivate the entire team in providing the ultimate luxury customer experience

Key Responsibilities:

High-End Business Focus

  • Drive & achieve individual, boutique and national level high-end sales.

  • Grow & develop the high-end client base in partnership with boutique management teams.

  • Voice out the needs in how to advance HEB sales opportunities and staff capabilities.

  • Seek for new HE sales & client development/acquisition opportunities both within, and outside of the boutique: actively take initiatives in turning these leads into action plans with WFJ and Retail Managers

  • Explore Bespoke opportunities and take initiatives to proactively define tailor-made strategies.

  • Provide timely reporting on HEB sales - TBIs, settlements, and sales to date.

Expertise and Business Acumen

  • Comprehend how WFJ business generates revenues in relation to measurable KPIs tied to commercial, client, operations, and brand aspects and how HJ sales contribute to results.

  • Impart stellar HEB awareness amongst boutique population (FJA and FA) & execute HEB sales strategies.

  • Install excellent knowledge in gemmology, watchmaking, and savoir-faire for all staff.

  • Develop sales and educational tools for the retail population to advance HEB sales & story-telling capabilities.

High-end business Sales Team Development

  • To be the elite of HEB and champion the retail team to drive sales in LSD, HJ, HH, VHETI and Bespoke.

  • Step in to assist team members in closing sales and client development during client appointments, especially during events.

  • Motivate and support the sales teams and boutique management teams for HEB sales.

  • Develop High-end sales capability of our sales team - with defined KPIs e.g., how many FAs selling HEB categories for the first time this full year.

  • Identify potential HEB talents (internal & external) and assist in developing them into HEB experts/specialists.

Enhance and Supervise the Delivery of Ultimate Luxury Customer Experience

  • Actively engage and escort VIP clients in new client experiences/activities such as HJ Salon and overseas trips

  • Develop high-end partnerships and synergy between boutiques, with best practices & case study sharing to create a platform for synergy and success within Thailand.

  • Provide coaching to the team on how to engage and captivate potential high-end clients.

Client Engagement and Relationship Management

  • Identify opportunities & implement a proactive strategy and actionable plans in new high-end client acquisition.

  • Provide strategic planning and assistance to all retail staff on High-end client engagement/relationship management.

  • Recruit clients beyond Chanel distribution (i.e., networking).

  • Establish own client network and have ability to perform advanced client profiling.

  • Monitor and enforce staff's client engagement & relationship-building behaviour for high-end clients and provide timely feedback of praise and/or areas of improvement.

Foster Internal Partnerships

  • Make HEB top-of-mind for Fashion staff and clients via training, personal interaction & networking.

  • Build relationship with Fashion team to facilitate HE client referral to his/her boutique.

  • Collaborate with all departments and boutiques on implementation of sales & client development plans.

High-end Assortment Merchandise & Inventory

  • Support WFJ Merchandising team in proposing the right HEB category mix for boutiques/events based on each HEB need.

  • Provide regular feedback from clients on HEB categories to WFJ Manager, Retail Manager & Merchandising team.

  • Make suggestions to VM in driving HEB sales.

  • Actively suggest HEB merchandise transfer proposals when there are high potential sales opportunities and to leverage those opportunities across local boutiques.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in relevant retail supervisory experience.

  • Solid experience in retail industry, experience in WFJ / luxury background.

  • GIA Gemmologist is preferred.

  • Proactive and passionate

  • Excellent communication skills with Good command of Thai and English

  • Good presentation with excellent interpersonal, teamwork & communication skills

  • Strong customer services mindset and excellent customer service skills

  • Open to feedback and able to deliver messages in a positive manner

  • Leadership skills including deep listening, open minded, empathy, caring

  • Being a role model, able to conduct training and coaching

  • Problem-solving skills, Planning and organizing skills

At Chanel, we are focused on creating an inclusive culture that nurtures personal growth, contributing to collective progress. We believe the uniqueness of each individual increases the diversity, complementarity and effectiveness of our teams. We strongly encourage your application, as we value the perspective, experience and potential you could bring to CHANEL.





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