Information Security Operations Manager

3-5 years
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Job Description

Job Description

The manager is responsible for daily management and oversight of the CSOC including security operations management and, with extensive knowledge in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, continuously detect, analyze, identify security gaps in MINOR alongside Security Engineer.

The manager is expected to be both technical leader and people leader who work alongside their peers and direct reports during security investigations, incident detection and analysis, incident response, containment and eradication of active threats.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serves as team lead, driving goals and performance of CSOC.

  • Ensure security detection, response, and recovery procedures are up to date, maintained and followed.

  • Be a leader in the expansion and growth of the CSOC capabilities by integrating various security solutions.

  • Be accountable for the security incident management.

  • Perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, both on infrastructure, mobile applications, and web applications.

  • Conduct an examination of the security vulnerabilities found and provide mitigation suggestions for the discovered vulnerabilities.

  • Conduct security reviews from the perspective of internal and external attackers.

  • Generate reports on the results of security assessments, both from the results of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

  • Collaborate with technical teams for issue resolution and mitigation.

  • Analyze various methods of controlling information security problems, determine the strengths and weaknesses of each method and implement the best cost justified solution.

  • Provide leadership, guidance and technical expertise to deliver a professional service.

  • Define and review key security performance indicators that ensure proper service delivery and service improvements.


  • University degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering or related field

  • Demonstrable experience and in-depth knowledge of Information or Cyber Security

  • Operations, Incident Response and Investigations.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience with success story and solid knowledge in CSOC Manager or Security Engineer Team Leader.

  • Strong knowledge of SIEM Systems (Microsoft Sentinel preferred), user and network anomaly analytics, SOAR integration and MISP Threat Intelligence sharing platform.

  • Strong knowledge of Information security industry best practices and standards (ISO27000 series, NIST CSF).

  • Understanding of global compliance and data privacy regulations.

  • Understanding and appreciation of technology development life cycles, security and privacy by design.

  • Attention to detail as well as broad and conception thinking.

  • Proven ability to work and effectively prioritize in a dynamic work environment.

  • Be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

  • Self-motivated, proactive, and self-initiative

  • Good command in English



SIEM Systems
security reviews
ISO27000 series
SOAR integration
technology development life cycles
Microsoft Sentinel
data privacy regulations
security incident management
security and privacy by design
MISP Threat Intelligence

Minor International is a Thai multi-national company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The three core businesses of Minor are hospitality, restaurants and lifestyle brands distribution, operated under subsidiary companies Minor Hotels, Minor Food, and Minor Lifestyle respectively