Microsoft Dynamics Pre Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics Pre Consultant

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Job Description

Job Description
  • Developing and delivering outstanding Microsoft presentations and demonstrations.
  • Leading any and all aspects of the technical sales process.
  • Advises internal and external clients on overall architect solutions.
  • Providing direction and specialist knowledge in applying the technology/application to client business.
  • Facilitating client product/application understanding through presentations demonstrations and benchmarks; provision of support throughout the sell
  • Leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others.
  • Creating presentations and design architecture diagrams to present solutions to customer executives
  • Developing long lasting and high-quality business relationships with clients by instilling trust and confidence
  • Working directly with clients to understand their business strategy, programme requirements & processes
  • Utilising specialist knowledge of business processes and the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform product suite (including related applications and technologies) to support the development and expansion of the solution footprint to meet clients’ articulated business strategy
  • Providing knowledge transfer to the delivery teams to ensure a smooth handover from sales to delivery
  • Formulating high quality bids and proposals
  • Scoping the client solution to enable accurate estimation of the effort
  • Developing webinars/marketing material
  • Presenting at client events/Microsoft conferences
  • Executing assigned responsibilities in a manner consistent with client’s Quality Management Policy.

Key competencies:
  • Experience minimum of 5 years with Dynamics CRM /Power Platform
  • Deep functional knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions & Power Platform (PowerApps, Power Automate, etc)
  • Industry expertise of strategic sectors
  • Outstanding documentation and communication skills
  • Experience of developing creative and client-pleasing solutions to complex business problems
  • Exceptional ability and experience in preparation of proposals, responses and contracts
  • Demonstrable Programme level Solution Architect experience
  • Excellent working knowledge of Solution and Integration Design
  • Relevant Microsoft certifications
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • English speaking mandatory since the client work mostly on Internationals deals

ver 15 years Global Niche IT industry experience, with a particular focus on D365 (Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM), Azure, PowerApps, Sharepoint, BI, SQL, .NET and Full Microsoft Stack, Java, J2EE, SAP and Oracle.

Our sole focus on Niche Technologies and having the capacity to provide large volume resources to back your Transformation Programmes, singles us out from the bunch, being industry experts in D365 (Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM), Azure, PowerApps, Sharepoint, BI, SQL, .NET and Full Microsoft Stack, Java, J2EE, SAP and Oracle

Our expertise and knowledge in using HR systems like Pontoon and Beeline allow us to work closely with your internal HR Teams to streamline the recruitment process and allow recruitment transitions to take place more smoothly, backed by our state of the art, award winning CRM system, which results in delivery with speed, accuracy and due diligence.

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