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3-5 years
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Job Description

Job Description :

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  • Be the marketing trend expert and portfolio/project manager who seeks new product opportunities in emerging segments especially infood supplements andfunctional food, workstogether with marketing and R&D team to initiateproduct portfolio, and driveselected projects to successfully commercialization.


  • Seek the opportunity for new products,Holis Brand.
  • Understand and identify product portfolio development.
  • Opportunity verifying with VOC to value proposition.
  • Enhance product development/prototype development (Product & Packaging) with R&D team by collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturersand supplier.
  • Revisit/collect/analyze/understand VOC and feedback from targeted customers in product testing.
  • Work closely with sales & Marketing as a technical supporter during product launching.
  • Monitor and facilitate thegrowth path of new product developed and commercialized.


  • Bachelor/Master in Food Science, Food Technology, Food Biotechnology, Nutrition or other relevant (Bachelor G.P.A. 2.70, Master G.P.A. 3.30).
  • At least 3 years of experiences in new product development from food manufacturing, food supplement, functional food or working with OEM is a plus.
  • Proficient in English (TOEIC score at least 550).
  • Working or experience in solution engineering or technical project management capacity directlywith customers and multiple technical teams.
  • Ability to develop or transfer from verified prototyping products to commercialization via internal and external production facilities.
  • Ability to suggest suitable material for packaging new products related to trends and technology.
  • Ability to clearly define and deliver technical solutions that drive client satisfaction and business results together with sales and marketing.
  • Ability to look and verify from marketing trends /outlooks for new opportunities, new solutions/services/business models and inspire his/herself andothers.
  • Ability to work in a new emerging market and environment, open-mindedand determined.
  • Have knowledge in New Product Portfolio Management, NPD Prototype testing with target customers, VOCs analysis, NPD processes.
  • Understand technology, production processes in paper/plastic.
  • Open mind with Can do attitude and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Able to work upcountry occasionally.

:Yamonporn Jaipetch

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npd processes
npd prototype testing
vocs analysis
food supplement
functional food
marketing trends

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