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[[Production Superintendent _Polymer & Utility]]




[[Map ta phut, Rayong]]

Polymerization and Utilities Operation process

  • Overview : Working on day-to-day operation of polymerization and Utilities process
  • Daily process condition monitoring in CN, DN1, DN2, 6MG, RM process. Working closely with Production engineer to provide value recommendation to polymer team for process adjustment to stabilize process and bring process to steady state with safe operation
  • Daily quality monitoring in CN, DN1, DN2, 6MG process. For any deviation of quality require process adjustment to stabilize process and get the good quality product
  • Daily monitoring production vs plan. Need to ensure team follow production planning in term of grade, sequence, quantity and delivery time. Any deviation, need to feed back to related team.
  • Monitoring Loss from process such as grade transition, waiting time, grade transition time or start/stop time. Need to find out the way to optimize it.
  • Working closely with Maintenance team for equipment/instrument break down, set up plan and time line. Then, communicate back to relate team
  • Prepare shut down activities and plan. Then, share to related party
  • Lead team for plan work activity for routine shut down, special shut down, annual turnaround. Daily monitoring progress, update plan and raise up if any foreseen delay or issue.
  • Review & approve maintenance notification and working closely with maintenance planner.
  • Review and approve shut down plan, maintenance plan (activities/time line) with maintenance planner
  • Ensure team issued notification to maintenance team for any work related.
  • Participate in 4 PM meeting with maintenance team. Regular update & share progress to production team.
  • Raise up and ensure regular inspection/cleaning for specific requirement from production/Utility has been plan and conducted such as inspect flare every year, regular clean inspection blow down tank every year etc.
  • Ensure production team prepare system ready for maintenance work ex. routine shut down, break down, PM work, CM work, T/A work etc.
  • Lead & ensure team prepare report for Unplanned break down, Quality issued, Miss-operation or Safety issued.
  • Support team for RCA_ Maintenance break down investigation, working closely with Reliability engineer, MTN team and production/Utility engineer.
  • Support team for RCA_ Incident investigation, working closely with SHE team and production/Utility engineer.
  • Support team for RCA_ Quality investigation, working closely with QC team and production/Utility engineer.
  • Support team for RCA_ Miss-Operation investigation, working closely with SHE team and production/Utility engineer.
  • Support team for RCA_ Operate over OE investigation, working closely with production team and production/Utility engineer.
  • Working closely with environment team for Waste handling and plan. Such as spent monomer, Sludge cake, all solid waste. Need to ensure availability of packaging and pick up plan.
  • Managing Polymer & Utility team organization such as shift rotation, shift change, people change, responsible change and Overtime management
  • Lead cross functional meeting as weekly basis according to assignment
  • Prepare weekly report to update operation in Polymerization & Utility process
  • Support training WI base on assignment
  • Ensure all WI & record sheet has been followed and managed in the good practice.
  • Daily plant patrol to observed operation practice which included maintenance & contractor. Also find out opportunity for improvement in part of Asset Care, Operation, Safety & Housekeeping.
  • Lead and ensure operation team strictly follow SHE standard and requirement ex. LOTO, Line breaking, pipe cutting, Work at height, Crane & Lifting, Hot work, Confine space etc.
  • Lead team for implementing new SHE standard in Polymer & Utility team
  • Support SHE initiative, SHE standard implementation ex. PSM, PS10, BS10, IGGN, SGGN
  • Support for ISO9001, 140001, 45001, 50001 maintaining & improvement by Working closely with production engineer.

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