Store Sales Team Leader 1

1-3 years
3 months ago
Job Description

Responsible in managing departmental gross sales and staffs, in order to control providing service about products to customers, develop staff performance, and achieve sales goal effectively

  • Manage and examine departmental gross sales, including analyzing factors affecting gross sales, and tracking sales staff performance to improve and solve problems and achieve sales plan and goal
  • Control overall operations in store, including shelf organizing, price tags, and documents related to product delivery or return to ensure effective operations aligning with standards and rules
  • Control and manage staff and PC operations, including scheduling worktime, and providing coaching, information, and training in terms of products and service to ensure cost-effective and appropriate operations
  • Manage, examine, and organize inventory and storage in front and back to prepare for sale and prevent loss to align with standards, and ensure effective, fast, and accurate operations
  • Control accumulating and analyzing customer information to build, maintain, and develop relationship
  • Take care and advise subordinates to ensure effective performance and promotion preparation

  • Bachelor's degree in related field
  • Minimum of 1-3 years of responsible experience in related field and 0-3 years of team management
  • Have analytical and planning skills
  • Have problem-solving skill
  • Have communication skills, including English skills
  • Have good and reliable personality
  • Have service mind

Central Group consists of a variety of diverse investments in various corporations in Thailand and abroad, including investments in retail, property development, brand management, hospitality, and food and beverage sectors, and in digital lifestyle.