[Summer Internship 2024] Data Platform Engineer Intern

0-2 years
2 months ago
Job Description

Summer Internship Period:

Our internship period for this role is from May 27 to August 2, 2024. During this time, interns will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our dynamic engineering environment, contributing to various projects and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Additionally, outstanding interns may be considered for potential extensions or full-time positions. The expected application timeline is as below

  • Application Period - December 2023 till February 2024
  • Assessment Period - January 2024 till March 2024
  • Interview Period - January 2024 tillMarch 2024
  • Offer Period - April 2024 tillMay 2024
  • Start of Internship - May 2024 till August 2024

If the internship period is not suitable for you, please consider applying for the cooperative internship which offers more flexible timings.

The opportunity:

Join us as an Intern in one of the Data Platform Teams which together manage the data infrastructure serving as the core backbone for all Agoda's Data needs. The Data Platform spans four teams:

1. Data Pipeline: Maintaining large scale Data Pipelines spanning trillions of events a day across multiple Data Centers

2. Data Lake Operations: Administering our massive Hadoop Data Lakes at 30+ PB scale for our data storage and computational needs

3. Data Applications: Creating self-service data tools/apps (e.g. ETL, Synchronization Tools, Discoverability Tools, Data Quality Tools etc.) for use by anyone in Agoda

4. Data Experience: Promoting Data Democratization and Usage through intuitive Web UIs that make it easy for any Agoda employee to interact with data

If you are interested in Data Engineering and Big Data, then this is the right internship program for you. You'll have opportunity to work with large distributed system such as Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Object Storage, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes etc.

In this role, you'll get to:

  • Start off by learning about our Systems, going through the onboarding courses (based off one of the 4 teams that you'll join)
  • Based on your interests, you'll have an opportunity to choose which components you would like to work on.
  • At which point, you'll be assigned a mentor. Together, you'll then decide on an internship project and go through the full development cycle within the course of your internship.
  • You will take a project from ideation all the way to production. You would come up with an idea, develop a proof of concept, write tests, build dashboards, make your code production ready, deploy to production, debug issues, and learn how to automate everything.
  • Come out at the end of the Internship shipping real code, understanding what it takes to deal with TB to PB worth of data, how to design good and scalable software, learning more about large distributed systems, and seeing your code run in Production

What you'll need to succeed:

  • Currently studying for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or any related fields
  • Proficient in at least one of these languages: Java, C#, Go, Python, JavaScript + React
  • Ability to work independently and as a team player
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
  • Demonstrated problem-solving abilities, with a creative and analytical mindset

It's great if you have:

  • Knowledge and experiences in Big Data such as Hadoop, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Docker and Kubernetes

Job Source: careersatagoda.com

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