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Best 10 Embedded System Questions and Answers

Technical interviews are one of the hardest parts involved in the hiring process. Right from making the correct first impression to being able to stand tall to your claims in your CV, you must use every skill you to win over the interviewers.

In this article, we have listed the ten most commonly asked Embedded Systems Interview Questions along with answers that you can study to be better equipped to face your interview.

List of 10 Common Embedded Systems Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is an Embedded System?

Simply speaking, it is an element of the operating system that is a part of the complete device, inclusive of the hardware as well as mechanical parts.

Q2. Which are the three parts that the Embedded Systems are divided into?

The embedded system is divided into hardware, software, and real-time operating system.

Q3. What is the use of Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems help replace several input buffers, hardware logic gates, output drivers, etc. using a comparatively inexpensive microprocessor. .

Q4. What do you understand by a microcontroller?

A microcontroller is basically a self-sufficient system that contains memory, peripherals, as well as a processor, that can be used as an embedded system.

Q5. What do you mean by interrupt latency?

Interrupt latency is the duration or the time taken to return from a disrupted service to the regular functioning. It can be improved through writing ISR routines. 

Q6. Tell us something about Watchdog Timer.

A watchdog timer is an electronic card or device that executes certain special operations after an interval in case something goes wrong with the electronic system.

Q7. What is semaphore in your opinion?

A semaphore is a kind of variable or abstract data type. It is usually used for two purposes, namely sharing access to various files, as well as sharing common memory space.

Q8. What are recursive functions?

Recursive functions are those functions that make calls to themselves before they render the final output or result. Recursive functions can also be made inline functions if required.

Q9. What do you know about the memory leak?

Memory leak is nothing but the accumulation of memory which is not cleared. It may stall the execution of the system in case it reaches a huge value for want of adequate space.

Q10. What are the benefits of Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems are inexpensive and are easy to manage. Not only are they smaller in size making them faster to load, but they also deliver quality performance by performing dedicated functions.

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