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Top 16 SAP Material Management (MM) Interview Questions and Answers

SAP MM, a Material Management module is operated by Systems Applications and Module. A career in SAP MM has good scope in manufacturing and delivery firms as they implement SAP MM to a large extent.

Before you apply for a SAP MM position, you must ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of the business processes in material management.

We have put together a list of SAP MM questions that are asked in most of the SAP MM interviews. If you are able to answer these questions successfully, consider yourself ready for the interview.

List of 16 SAP MM Interview Questions & Answers

1. What are the uses of SAP Material Management Module?

SAP Materials Management belongs to the logistics aspect of ERP. It mainly manages the procurement activities of an organization.

It supports all material aspects of management like planning, controlling and so on.

It also incorporates key modules such as Sales, Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Production Planning, Project and Warehouse Management.

2. What does the Procurement Process in ERP comprise of?

All activities involved in buying of materials and procuring services from various dealers and vendors constitutes the Procurement Process.

3. Explain the Procurement Lifecycle.

Information and requirements gathering

Collecting information about a product and its quantity is the first step of Procurement. Then suppliers for that particular product who can cater to the requirements must be then tracked down.

Contacting suppliers

Once the suitable suppliers are chosen, they must be contacted for a quotation request.

Background Check

The suppliers history, quality of his previous products, terms of warranty, service and maintenance must be investigated. Some samples may also be investigated if needed.

Negotiation and Contract

Negotiations regarding price, delivery schedule and availability are done. After this, the contract is signed that becomes a legally binding document between the supplier and the company.

Completing Order

The order is shipped and delivered to the concerned party and supplier is paid accordingly. Any training for installation and use is undertaken.


Once the product is in use, continuous evaluation and feedback are given.

4. What are the types of Basic Procurement?

There are two categories of basic procurement. They are:

  • External and Internal Procurement
  • Procurement for stock and Procurement for consumption

5. What are Consignment Stocks?

Consignment stocks are those materials that are in the store premises but still belong to the vendor. If you use material from this stock, you have to pay to the vendor.

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6. What are the different info record types?

The different info record types are Standard, Sub-contracting, Consignment and Pipeline.

7. What is the purpose of Purchase Info Record?

Purchase Info Record is used to store the information about a vendor and the product purchased from him.

8. Explain a Purchase Order.

The purchase order is the final draft of the document sent to the supplier to supply material or services. It will contain information like details of material, purchasing company, company code, vendor name and date of material delivery.

9. What is meant by Goods Receipt in SAP?

Once the purchase order is processed by the vendor, the delivery of materials is done. This is called a Goods Receipt. In the goods receipt phase, the condition and quality of the material received is verified.

10. What is meant by Request for Quotation (RFQ)?

Request for quotation is the invitation sent to vendors to send quotation stating pricing, terms and conditions.

An RFQ has details about goods, services, date of delivery, quantity and date to be submitted.

11. What is Material Type in SAP?

Material Type in SAP is the property used to group materials with similar properties under one category.

12. Name the different stock types in the SAP system.

The different stock types in SAP system are restricted stock, unrestricted stock, quality inspection stock, blocked stock and unblocked stock.

13. What do you mean by Outline Agreement?

This is an agreement made with the vendor that has all the terms and conditions of the items purchased. This agreement has a date until it is valid.

14. What is meant by Material Master and how is it maintained?

Material Master consists of information regarding the raw material, finished product and so on. This is used to identify purchase material, product, issue of goods, receipt of goods, and other product information.

15. What is a Production Order?

A Production Order is used to define the material that is produced, the location of the plant, time of production and quantity of goods needed.

16. What is a Contract?

A Contract is a long-term agreement between the customer and the vendor with regards to material or services provided over a period of time. The two types of Contract are Quantity Contract and Value Contract. 

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