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20 SSB Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

The SSB interviews or the Service Selection Board interviews are conducted by the Service Selection Board, Ministry of Defence. The Service Selection Board is the body that organizes, schedules, and conducts the SSB interviews for the candidates applying for the Indian Military Forces.

The SSB interviews are also known as the “Intelligence and Personality Test”.

The SSB conducts the interviews for the candidates opting for the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. The process of the SSB interview lasts for five days.

Before appearing for the SSB interview,here are some important tips you should keep in mind,which are very important.

  • You have to be confident while facing the SSB interview questions.
  • It would help if you had a good sense of self-awareness. You should have a strong sense of determination and know about your family and the people surrounding you. You should properly know about your aim in life.
  • You also have to mention strengths and weaknesses.
  • You should know how to communicate with people around you.
  • You should have a mature and well-developed personality.
  • You should be as original as possible. Do not fake your answers in the interview. Faking might backfire in many cases.
  • You should be blunt in answering the SSB interview question but also be diplomatic in the process of it.

SSB interview questions for freshers:

The freshers can do well in the SSB interviews in comparison to the candidates who are repeating in the SSB interviews. The freshers do not have to feel pressured by their previous failures, and they can be as real as possible.

Some possible SSB interview questions for freshers are provided below, which can be helpful to face the SSB interview. These questions can also be some Common SSB interview questions for freshers that can be very helpful.

Question on getting to know the candidate

1. Describe yourself.

To this question, you can talk about yourself. You can say your name, about your family, your education, your hobbies, your skills, etc.

2. Why do you want to join the Indian Military Forces?

To this question, you have to answer according to your aim and the goal in your life. You want to become a well-disciplined officer in the Indian Military Forces, or you love to live in a disciplined way in your life, so you want to join the Indian Military Forces, or you can say things according to your own goal.

3. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

To this question, you can answer in a very real manner and cleverly. Do not fake the answer, saying you do not have any weaknesses. You can talk about your strengths and how you are planning to enhance them. Also, you have to talk about your weaknesses, but then you should say how you have tried or are trying to overcome them. You have to be very real while answering the SSB interview questions and also be clever at the same time.

4. Say something about the place where you are living.

For this question, you have to talk about your hometown or your native place in a brief and precise manner. In this question, the interviewer wants to know how much you are aware of your surroundings and the place you live in.

Talk about the place’s geographical conditions, historical significance, ethnicity, culture.

5. Have you given any competitive exams before SSB, or have you taken any coaching classes for the SSB interview?

In this question, you will have to answer about the competitive exams you have given if you have attended any. The interviewer asks this question to know about your successes and setbacks in your life to assess you correctly.

You should answer if you have ever taken any coaching classes for the SSB or how you have prepared for the SSB. This will show the interviewer your passion for the military forces.

6. Do you drink or smoke?

You have to be real while answering these types of questions. You can answer it affirmatively if you smoke or drink. Be aware that smoking is a bad habit so that you might get told so. Also, Drinking alcohol is not a good thing for a defense officer. If you do not smoke or drink, you can answer negatively.

7. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

In this question also, you have to be real with the answers. If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, just answer affirmatively. If not, you can say you are focusing on your career right now.

8. Do you have any skills that you represent somewhere?

To this question, you can state your hobbies or any extracurricular activity or skill you have acquired. Also, add if you have represented your skill in any tournament or any platform.

9. You can be asked any question related to the military forces?

You should have some basic knowledge about the branch of the military forces you have applied for. You can answer these questions if you have the basic knowledge about them.

10. What would you do if you did not get qualified in the SSB interview?

To this question, you should say that it did not qualify you to try again for the SSB. If you did not qualify too many times, then you would apply for some higher studies. You always have a backup option.

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Some Most Asked SSB Interview Questions for the freshers:

Some common SSB interview questions are asked frequently in the SSB interview. Sometimes,these most asked SSB interview questions are really important for assessing the candidates in the SSB interview. Some of these SSB interview questions and answers are discussed below-

11. What are your hobbies and skills?

This is one of the most asked SSB interview questions. The interviewer wants to see how involved you are in your life. Keeping a hobby is necessary. Talk about your hobbies or any skill you have acquired, or have training for.

12. Tell us about your family.

To this SSB interview question, you need to talk about your family very briefly. You can talk about your native place. Do not praise or criticize your family, which will get you a negative impression from the interviewer.

13. You will be asked what extracurricular activities you took part in in school and what are your achievements?

To this question, tell the interviewer about your 10th board marks and 12th board marks. Tell them what you have achieved through various skills and in various competitions and tournaments. You can tell them about your school life and what experiences you have gathered briefly.

14. Why didn’t you try through the NDA after the boards?

To this question, you have to be honest and real while answering the question. Tell them why you did not try through the NDA with your reasons. You can say that you had tried for the NDA, but you did not get into it at that time. This SSB interview question helps the interviewer to see your passion for the Indian Military Forces.

15. Tell us about your daily routine.

To this question, you should just describe the daily routine of your life in an efficient way and precise manner.

Important SSB interview questions and answers for the freshers:

There are some important SSB interview questions and answers in which the interviewer assesses your personality and passion for the Indian Military Forces. In these SSB interview questions,you have to honest and clever while answering them.

16. How do you spend your monthly allowance?

This question is asked to know how efficient you are with your expenditure in your life. It would help if you answered this question cleverly by showing your efficient and thrifty nature. But also, you should be honest while answering this question.

17. Do you watch porn?

You have to answer this question. You can say you do watch porn. If further asked if you are addicted to it, you can deny it, saying you are not addicted to it.

18. You will be asked some questions related to current affairs and general knowledge.

You should be able to answer every question related to current affairs and general knowledge. In this SSB interview question, you will be assessed how much you are aware of the prevailing current affairs and the general knowledge. This is important how much you are well aware and well versed in the general knowledge.

19. You will be asked questions about the social issues prevailing in the country?

For instance, what is your take on the MeToo campaign going on in the country?

This kind of question is asked to assess your opinion about various things and know about your knowledge. This is important to make your presence and make them know about their knowledge. You need to answer this question from a very unbiased point of view and make them understand from what line of thought your answer is coming from.

20. You can also be asked questions to examine your presence of mind.

For instance, how many stairs did you take to get to this room?

To this kind of question, you need to use your mind carefully and answer it very calmly and confidently. Also, it would help if you made the interviewer understand how you came up with your answer and the logic behind it.


The SSB interview questions can be very convenient in answering. The real key is to be confident during the SSB interview and be very calm. You have to be very honest while answering the SSB interview questions. Try never to fake the answers.

It can bestow a negative impact on the interviewer. You always need to be well aware of the current affairs and the prevailing social issues in the country. Be prepared and confident, and you will excel in the SSB interviews.

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