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4 signs you’ve outgrown your job

4 Signs You_ve Outgrown Your Job

So you’ve been in your role for a couple of years. You like what you do. You like your team. You like your manager. In general, you have few complaints and would describe yourself as comfortable at work.

Though this may sound like an ideal scenario, it could also mean that you’ve outgrown your job. Though there’s nothing wrong with being happy with where you are, if comfort becomes complacency or if you’ve been in the same role doing the same tasks for a number of years without anything new being introduced into your scope of work, these could signs that you are ready to do more. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’ve outgrown your situation, here are a four ways to know that it’s time to move on.

1. You’re Not Promotable

If you’ve been in your current job for quite a while and know that you’re doing well – delivering projects and completing tasks on time, always handing in excellent work, often going the extra mile – but are often told that there isn’t room to promote you when you enquire about opportunities, then that’s a big sign that it’s time for you to start looking for something new. Even if you’re given merit-based pay rises or bonuses, if you aren’t able to move up the ladder when you’re keen to, then you probably should be looking for a new role at a company that rewards high-quality work and ambition with promotions.

2. You’re Not Challenged

Coming into work every day prepared to tackle all the items on your to-do list with aplomb can be a great feeling. But if your action items and projects are too simple for you and don’t pose any new challenges, it’s likely that you’ll begin to feel bored. If you speak with your managers and request more challenging assignments, new opportunities, or more responsibility and they’re hesitant to provide it or unenthusiastic about the prospect without good reason, then it might be time for you to start updating your résumé.

3. You’re Not Growing

There are many companies that make it a priority to invest in their employees’ growth by offering mentoring, on-the-job learning, or tuition assistance for higher education. If your workplace does not provide these types of opportunities, and if you feel that your growth and knowledge in your role has reached a plateau and that there’s no other way for you to continue growing in your field, then looking into a new role with a company that is committed to fostering the growth of their staff could be a smart move for you.

4. You’re Not Excited

First things first: there is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable in your job and not wanting to leave because you’re happy with the work you’re doing and don’t feel the need to do or learn more. Being comfortable is not the same as being complacent, and as long as you feel fulfilled and respected at work, then that’s wonderful. But if you come to find that you’re no longer excited to go to the office, that you’re unenthused about the work you’re doing, and that you’re feeling listless during your workday, it could be a sign that you need to move into a new position or to new company that reignites your excitement about your career.

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