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4 tips to make your internship count

 How to make your internship count

Landing the right internship could be the key to giving your career the kickstart it needs. What’s more, it’s possibly the best way to explore the industry of your choice as you get a real understanding of what it would be like to enter this industry upon graduation. This will provide invaluable insight on whether or not it’s a career you’d like to pursue and allow you to you make a smarter decision about your future. If you’re lucky enough to secure an internship in your dream field, you’ll need to work hard to make the most out of it. Some things you can do to make your internship count are:

  1. Be Humble
    Having the right attitude can get you off to a fabulous start. Make a conscious effort to come across as a sincere, hardworking person – the best way to do this is to be humble. Though taking initiative and being a self-starter are important qualities, there’s nothing wrong with admitting when you don’t know something or requesting guidance. By working hard, being respectful and speaking up when you need help, you’ll impress the team you’re interning with and will hopefully be on your way to a job offer.
  2. Ask Questions
    Though you may have a general idea of how things operate day-to-day in your desired field, t you likely have very little idea about the true ins-and-outs. If there are standard operating procedures that aren’t explained to you during your first few days of your internship, enquire about them. It’s better to ask a dozen questions than to make a mistake. Plus, asking will save your time and effort, as well as that of your supervisor. Moreover, being inquisitive is one of the best ways to demonstrate your keen interest, and is beneficial for your overall image.
  3. Networking
    It’s important to make lasting professional contacts as they can play a role in your future career progression. Even if you’re an introvert who rarely approaches people, it’s to take initiative: introduce yourself to people at your workplace, go out to lunch with your colleagues, make conversation with everyone. Once you’re on good terms with your team, don’t hesitate to catch up with outside the office over coffee or dinner, even when your internship is over – keep those contacts strong.
  4. Say “YES”
    As an intern, you’re at the bottom of the pecking order in your organisation, so chances are, you might be assigned some ad-hoc or mundane tasks. Instead of grumbling about this, stay positive and do your very best at every single assignment. In order to come across as a resourceful person, you must help out with whatever you can. Stick to this, and you will win everyone at the office over.
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