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5 Tips to Stay a Step Ahead and Get a Python Job as a Fresher

Python is the fourth most popular programming language on Stack Overflow. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the market for python developers has gained major traction over the last couple of years. The demand for data scientists and developers who have a nuanced understanding has rocketed, and so has the competition.

Python jobs aren’t in short supply by any means, considering how important a skill it is for developing technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, but employers often tend to prefer candidates with experience.

So, how can you find a job as a fresher?

As a fresher, it is quite challenging to get a job as a python developer but it isn’t impossible. 

Here’s how you can impress your potential employers and have them hire you as a python dev:

1. Hone Your Python Skills

Employers are always looking to find the best talent for their organization. While it is true that most employers prefer candidates with some sort of experience, you can still stand out by demonstrating that you are truly exceptional at what you do.

You will need to hone your python skills to ensure that you are above par and have an edge over other candidates who have applied for the same position. Gaining a thorough understanding of the language and all of its concepts can go a long way.

2. Demonstrate Your Skills

Build personal projects and host them online to show that you’ve had hands-on experience with python. Showcasing your skills is one of the best ways to tell an employer that you are up to the task and can handle any challenges that are thrown your way.

Build a profile on GitHub and progress through the levels to make it stand out in the community. Doing this will not only help you showcase your talent, but also help you get better with practice.

3. Go for an Internship

There is more to a job than simply being technically sound. From a pool of freshers, employers are more likely to hire someone with some experience in a professional setting such as through internships.

Interning can help you understand the pressures and challenges of a job and also help you explore your limits as a developer. An internship experience is a valuable asset to include in your profile and can go a long way in helping you get a python job as a fresher.

4. Know Your Frameworks

Working with and understanding popular frameworks is important for any fresher looking to get a python job.

Django, Web2Py, Flask, and Bottle are some of the most popular frameworks for Python, and having experience with them is a requirement for most Python jobs.

Employers will be drawn to your profile if you show them that you already have experience working with these frameworks. Freshers often need handholding and support from their employers and showing them that you can work independently will work in your favour.

5. Gain Experience with Upcoming Technologies

Applications of Python range far and wide, including everything from web development and data science to financial analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Depending on what your goals for your career are, working with upcoming technologies such as artificial intelligence will not only prepare you for the future job market but will also give you an edge over the competition and help you land a Python job with ease.

Getting a job as a python developer is a challenge that we’re sure you can overcome by following the tips above to stay a step ahead of the rest.

Your goal is to show employers that you are competent and can better the majority in a very competitive job market.

Set up your profile on Monster.com, upload your resume, and pitch yourself to the employers all over India to secure a job as a python developer.

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