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8 fastest growing tech skills you should watch out for

Technology evolves constantly and so do the skills that IT pros need to stay in their jobs. They spend a lot of their professional lives learning, training and keeping up with latest trends to stay competitive. From finding an accurate position to match their expertise to keeping that talent up-to-date, tech professionals have big career concerns. An international job hunting site pulled out its job postings data from their annual salary survey to explore the fastest-growing tech skills and created the following list.


An open-source processing engine, Spark was developed by Hadoop, Apache after the success of its open-source framework. Companies use Spark to process large data sets. Building tech infrastructure is on priority for most organizations these days and so they are on lookout for hiring Spark professionals with strong coding and programming aptitude. In fact, hiring managers are enticing candidates with not just competitive salary packages but also professional development and leadership opportunities.


A cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure was conceived to enhance productivity for tech professionals.  And it does just that. IT pros with a flair for Azure find themselves streamlining and simplifying mobile app development or analytics. Experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) works as an added advantage with Azure skill set because hiring managers are often looking for candidates trained in both of these aptitudes.


Salesforce is not a new talent in the tech world, but it is fairly new to this list of fastest growing skill sets. It aims at providing innovative customer service resources that help sales teams drive leads and uphold stronger client relationships. A Salesforce professional can work in various fields, such as universities, management consulting firms and insurance companies.

Big Data

Any large and complex collection of data that is difficult to process using traditional processing applications is clubbed under the catch-all phrase big data. It helps organizations to economically store huge amounts of data from all kinds of sources and can be filtered through to find insights into customer behavior. Big data experts are hired by companies to set up, manage and run such systems and then analyze the data choosing an apt technology.

Examples of career opportunities: Big Date Developer, Big date Architect


What began life as a bug tracking tool for programmers, grew into a project-management system for IT people. Atlassian’s Jira has garnered huge popularity in the tech space with over 35,000 companies already using it. Gone are the days when it was just a “preferred” skill; Jira has crawled up to become a mandatory prerequisite skill for a position in software development.

Cloud Computing

As more businesses are using shared, rented computer servers, software, and storage, their need for talent equipped with cloud computing skill set is going high. And because cloud computing technology is as popular as mobile or big data today, hiring managers are not inhibiting to open their wallets for candidates with cloud expertise.


In geek language, Hive gives Hadoop a database query interface. In simple terms, Hadoop is storage software that keeps big data across many low-cost computer servers and Hive analyzes large Hadoop data sets. Though still new to the market, Hive is steadily working its way up and following the popularity of Spark and more general big data skills. If you’re someone who knows how to work with Hive, count companies like Apple and Amazon to be your prospective employers.


Born at Facebook and used by companies such as Apple, Comcast, Instagram, Spotify, eBay, Rockspace, and Netflix, Cassandra is a special kind of database called a NoSQL database. It is used to help store, process and analyze big data sets. Expertise in Cassandra can make you an essential part of your organization’s success and a good compensation is guaranteed.

 This article was originally published on BGR.in.

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