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C# Interview Questions and Answers for 5 Years Experience (2024)

Professional interviews are designed to assess your work aptitude and ethics for the benefit of an organization. However, they can be quite intimidating when it comes to facing them.

Whether it’s your first interview or one of the many, the interactions are executed to have an insight into your professional ability and attitude.

That being said, it can take a different turn if you are applying for a high-end experience. In this regard, you will need to be ready for some out-of-the-box questions and answers that can perfectly exemplify your working experience.

In addition, the frequently asked C# questions, type  of constructors, access modifiers in C# will test your grit and knowledge on the same.

C# Interview questions for 5 years experience differ a lot from the rest. For a start, it will entail that the position you’re applying for needs advanced skills; and a person who can deliver under preset standards. 

You will need to ponder on the frequently asked questions and be prepared for the interaction. 

In addition to that, professional knowledge, and expertise in the field, will play a major role in securing the job. On top of that, the information about the company, its present and future goals, and its approach to the work is an add-on.

That being said, you will need to do some extra hard work before you can walk into an interview. 

Frequently Asked C# Interview Questions for 5 years Experience

There are some basic things that you must know about the interview. Apart from mentally preparing yourself for the interview, you will need a little more knowledge to have the upper hand. These include:


It’d be a wrong approach to walk into the interview without having any knowledge of the company. Instead, you may take some time to research the company and understand its modus operandi.

This will offer you insights into what the company is looking for, and you will be able to represent the best of yourself at the interview. In addition to that, know the interviewer to understand what to expect from the interaction. 

Questions and a mock interview:

Preparation will lessen the anxiety and nervousness. This will give you a boost in your confidence and ensure you can take the questions head-on.

Prepare a set of questions to ascertain your answers. This will prepare you for an unprecedented approach in the interview. In addition to that, you can also have the mock interview conducted. It will create an impression of the interview and assist you in determining the best answers.

Open-minded questions:

Open-mindedness is fruitful in any situation. In an interview, it can initiate a dialogue, and help you get in the interviewer’s good books.

It will develop your goodwill. In addition to that, you can answer the question in a way that asks one back. This will create a discourse, allowing you to showcase more of your abilities, and approach to the business. 

Your time in any work means dedication and professionalism. This is the same case with C#. The programming language has been created by Microsoft and is one of the most popular as of now. So, from the basic questions to the program-oriented ones, you must be ready for them.

The C# Interview questions for 5 years experience can include the basic information about the program and how you plan to resolve various issues in the company. So, sit back, and ponder on multiple aspects of the issue. 

List of C# Interview Questions for 5 years Experience

1. What is C#?

This is the most common C# Interview questions for 5 years experience and can be asked frequently. Though you can request that generally, it’ll be much better if you have a piece of additional information to throw. Don’t make it too complicated to understand or simplify so that it can be ignored. 

2. How is C# different from the other programming languages?

This is the common C# Interview questions for 5 years experience. As mentioned earlier, you need to research a little to understand the nuances of the software. In this way, you will be able to differentiate between the various options available. The purpose of the question is to assess your ability and expertise in using the program. 

3. Differentiate between static and public?

This is the commonly asked question and one of the basics. The former entails the variables accessible from the application anywhere, whereas the latter can be accessed globally. 

4. What is an object?

The object can be used to access the class methods. However, the more informative the answer is, the better impression you can create. So, in this regard, you must have a smooth flow of information to add to the answer. 

In addition to that, you will also be asked about the Serialisation or jagged arrays. Since the interview is focused on your professional knowledge, the insights will be essential The questions can also include:

5. What is a superclass?

This is the class where the features are inherited. 

6. What is an array list?

What is the collection, interface, or lock statement?

What is the importance of the C# attributes?

The C# Interview questions for 5 years experience will also include:

What is object pool, and various other related questions? So before you walk into that interview, you will need to refresh your knowledge of the program. 

7. What is a delegate?

This is also a common C# Interview questions for 5 years experience, and you must keep that in mind. The function is quite similar to the pointer of C++. However, in C#. It is a bit different. In addition to that, Hashtable is also an inquiry that pops up a lot. 

8. What is Reflection and Garbage Collection?

The former will allow you to obtain the metadata at runtime, and the latter relieves the memory that is no longer required automatically. 

Types of constructors:

Constructors are a common terminology and a top C# Interview questions for 5 years experience about types of constructors that can be asked. In simple terms, it’s a class that is on the creation of the course. In addition to that, it contains the instructions that are invoked and executed when the object is created in the first place. 

9. Can we override a constructor?

No, in C#, you can’t override a constructor. The instruction is contained, and everything is already executed accordingly. 

10. Which constructor is called first in C#?

Base Constructor is called first in C#. Then it will follow the Exception constructor and Child Class Constructor. 

11. What types of constructors can there be?

You have two types. These are – static or instance constructors. 

12. How many types of constructors can a class have?

There are no limitations. A class can have any number of constructors. 

13. Does a constructor have a Void?

It neither has the return type nor the void.

14. What are the five types of constructors?

The five types of constructors are – Default, Parameterized, Copy, Static, and Private Constructor. 

15. What is a namespace?

It’s used to declare the scope in C#. 

Bear in mind to have a look at various kinds of questions, but at the same time, not to burden yourself with the anxiety of tomorrow. The best is to read and refresh the knowledge you have in the profession. 

16. What are the types of Access Modifiers in C#?

There are four types. These include – private, public, protected, and internal. These also include protected-internal and private-protected. 

17. What are Access Modifiers in C#?

Simply put, Access Modifiers allow access to certain features. In other words, it lets you define to either allow or disallow access to various or specific features. 

18. Why are Access Modifiers in C# important?

With the help of the Access Modifiers in C#, you can use them to arrange the code and pack it in classes and packages. Meanwhile, the implementation details can be hidden as well while having the official interface for the public. 

19. Can Constructor be private?

Yes, it allows for the class to have a private constructor. 

20. Can a constructor be final?

No, this can be overridden by any subclasses. 

21. How to declare a private constructor?

This can be done by using a private keyword. 

To decipher an interview for the C# interview questions for 5 years of experience, you will need to dwell deep in the field. Apart from your personal experience, you must jot down various aspects of the program. The more you know, the better you are.

However, confidence is the key. The way you deliver your answer and how confident you look will depend on you. 

Make sure that you understand the question, take a little time to frame the answer, and say it with confidence. 

The task is to exhibit your professional prowess and knowledge. This can only be done when you know what is what. So take some time to get to know the interview and the potential questions that you need the answer to. 

The C# interview questions for 5 years of experience can also include:

  • Difference between managed and unmanaged code?
  • What is an interface?
  • How many types of classes are there?

These will include – Partial Class, Sealed Class, Abstract, and Static class. 

  • What are the three types of sterilization?

There are three types. These are – XML, Soap, and Binary. 

  • What are the different states of a Thread?

These are; Unstarted, Running, WaitSleepJoin, Suspended, Aborted, and Stopped. 

  • What does thread mean?
  • What are the different types of delegates?

Single cast delegate, Multi-cast delegate, and Generic delegate. The answer should be more informative than just naming them all. However, it also depends on the interviewers as to what type he is looking for. In a general sense, keep it average. 

The further C# Interview questions for 5 years experience can be about the array or the string operations. They are basic questions and are on top of everybody’s mind. 

22. Give examples of I/O classes?

These are:

  • File.
  • StreamWriter. 
  • StreamReader. 
  • StringReader.
  • StringWriter. 

This is a C# Interview questions for 5 years experience that you must give thought to. Make sure that your answer is unique and insightful at the same time. In this regard, you can compare the language with the other. The benefits and the improvements that make it appealing to you will be a boon in framing the answer. 

23. Name any types of errors in C#?

Well, in this case, there are two types of errors. These are:

  • Compile-Time error. 
  • Runtime error.

24. What are the types of references in C#?

These include Object, Class, Interface, and String. 

25. When does garbage collection become necessary?

In the case of low memory. 


If you are planning to go for an interview of C# Interview questions for 5 years experience, then you will need to be ready for some aggressive questions.

However, with proper knowledge, and brush up on your expertise, you can crack any code. The key is to stay confident, have proper rest, and give your best on the day of the interview. 

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