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Top 20 Career Options after BA Degree [2024]

Career Options After BA: “It is the arts that make life worthwhile. Of course, you’ve got food and a place to stay, so that’s good. But, on the other hand, the arts communicate the things that make you laugh, cry, connect, and love you. They aren’t extras,” Barack Obama stated. The humanities (sometimes known as the arts) are becoming more vital than ever in a world where buzzwords like machine learning and artificial intelligence abound.

The days of having just a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) are now long gone. Indeed, the arts provide as many and varied professional opportunities as any other field. Choosing the correct disciplines to major in is the key to a prosperous and rewarding career in the arts. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of various career options after BA degree, along with the disciplines you’ll need to study to pursue them.

1. Career Option After BA: Writing

Do people frequently come to you for assistance in writing meaningful remarks or drafting the perfect email? Do you spend much of your time with your nose buried in a book? Yet, you most likely have a penchant for words. That alone is incentive enough to enter the world of writing!

If you enjoy digging up stories and engaging in lively debates, you might consider a career in journalism, where you could work in print or online media. Joining an advertising firm as a copywriter would be the most acceptable option for you if binding it in a few words is your talent. You might even write your book and become an author. This can be a high paying career if your luck strikes.On your way to become a writer, you can get a BA in English or English Literature.

Another career option is working in the entertainment sector, you should do the following:

  1. Consider scriptwriting.
  2. Work as an editor or in a magazine to explore various areas, such as science, medicine, politics, humour, and lifestyle.
  3. If you want to work for a company, become a technical writer or a website content writer.

Writing is never out of style or scope, and there is always more to it than just books and publications.

2. Career Option : Creating Creative Content 

Every firm that wants to develop an online presence now needs content. Companies that hire content writers on a contract basis pay them for each writing job or a batch of multiple assignments. The best aspect of working in Content Creation after your BA is that you can work from home or manage many projects in various fields such as travel writing, academic writing, technical writing, and so on.

Writers who work in content writing provide written content for websites and other forms of media. The content team of a corporation, which includes marketing specialists, project managers, and executive officers, assigns projects to writers.

Content writing as a career option can be pretty smooth, depending on your talents and experience. Moreover, it pays nicely and allows you to save a lot of money.

This profession is rapidly expanding in India. The pay for a Content writer varies depending on the firm. It costs between INR 15,000 and INR 20,000.

In this field, a writer has a wide range for the ultimate career option. A content writer has the advantage of working in a variety of sectors and fields, many of which pay well.

3. Career Option: Continue your research in your field (MA)

A Masters of Arts is one of the most popular career paths after a BA. If you’re passionate about a subject you studied in school, this could be an excellent option for you. Master of Arts degrees are postgraduate degrees that BA graduates can seek to further their education in their chosen fields.

You’ll primarily study more about your selected subjects in depth. 

MA programmes are ideal for students who desire to continue their education and pursue doctoral or M.Phil. degrees. 

MA allows you to broaden your understanding of a particular field and access more advanced alternatives in that field.

When it comes to becoming a teacher, an MA degree is also beneficial. These programmes focus you on a specific subject so that after you finish them, you may teach that subject. If you wish to teach in schools or colleges, you’ll also need to take the NET/TET exam for that topic.

A BA degree is all that is required to obtain a Masters of Arts. Aside from that, different universities have different qualifying requirements, so double-check before applying anywhere. This programme is available at almost all of India’s major institutions and colleges. Often a Master’s Degree can lead to a high paying career.

4. Career Option After BA: Lecturer

You could become a professor if you prefer instructing your classmates or enjoy teaching in general. Once you’ve decided on a BA specialisation, you can either pursue a B.Ed. or a Master’s degree, depending on whether you want to teach in a school or college. To teach at the college level, you must pass the National Entrance Examination (UGC-NET). You must have a Master’s degree with a minimum of 55 percent required to sit for the exam. This is seen as a high paying career option with opportunities to teach abroad and at renowned institutions.

5.Career Option After BA: Counsellor

We all need some pearls of wisdom now and again. If you’re the group’s agony aunt, you might want to consider majoring in psychology. While most people choose psychotherapy, you should realise that India currently needs 1.4 million career counsellors, so there are plenty of opportunities here. With so many job alternatives available now, students might benefit from some professional coaching. Parents, individuals, educational institutions, corporations, and others invest in counsellors to assist people in climbing out of their pits of bewilderment in a world awash in options.

6. Career Option After BA: Historian

Imagine going down the rabbit hole of time to learn about ancient wisdom hidden in pyramids or the Harappan civilisation’s ruins. If this interests you, a BA in History can lead to a variety of exciting professional opportunities. You can work in archaeology, museums and preservation, and restoring historical artefacts as a historian.

7. Career Option After BA: Artist

There is always room for an artist in a world full of logic and reasoning. Don’t you think so? Consider a career as an artist if you thrive on creativity and expressiveness. You can pursue a Fine Arts degree depending on your interests and abilities. India has universities dedicated to refining all kinds of talents, from art to dance and music. Many artists have led a comfortable life through shows at art galleries, private viewings, which show that this has the potential to become a high paying career.

8. Career Option After BA: Social worker

It is the career for you if you are constantly volunteering at NGOs and are motivated by society’s misfortunes to make it a better place. While volunteers are not required to have any formal qualifications, prospective social workers must thoroughly understand the subject they wish to work for.

9. Career Option: Government officer

A government position comes with a lot of privileges. It allows you to contribute to your country while working inside the system. It’s also a steady position with excellent medical benefits and a manageable workload. After graduation, you can take the UPSC-CSE exam to help you qualify for IAS and IPS, depending on whether you want to work in defence or administration.

10.Career Option : Diplomat

Consider becoming a diplomat if you have a strong interest in world politics and frequently read news about other countries and leaders worldwide. Pursuing a BA in Political Science can help you enhance your skills. However, you must take the UPSC-CSE after graduation and choose IFS (Indian Foreign Service) as your specialisation.

11. Career Option : Probationary Officer

While B. Com is a common choice for persons looking for jobs in banks, you can still apply for bank PO (probationary officer) tests that hire people in the government banking sector if you have a BA. You can apply for the SBI PO and IBPS PO after graduating with a minimum of 60% marks. People frequently dismiss the arts because they are unaware of the wide range of occupations that can be pursued with a BA.

12. Career Option after BA : M. Phil

BA and MA degrees are considered the subject’s learning grounds in the academic world. Therefore, those interested in pursuing a career in academia after completing their BA must apply for an MPhil.

MPhil is a two-year research programme that aids in selecting a field of study and prepares you to develop your understanding of the subject matter through a series of exercises such as presentations, thesis submissions, and paper defence.

13. Career Option after BA : MBA

One of the most popular professional degrees among students is the MBA. The best aspect is that you can pursue an MBA even if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in English, Economics, or a related field. In addition, you only need to pass the CAT (often referred to as the “admission exam”).

MBAs educate you on the ins and outs of the business, allowing you to plan a successful career. A master’s degree in business administration teaches you about management, administration, and organisation. It demonstrates how to address complicated problems that businesses confront daily. For example, our Global MBA programme covers strategic thinking, Integrated Business Strategies, Change Management, and other topics.

In a variety of ways, an MBA can help you enhance your career. Leadership opportunities are available in business development, marketing, human resource management, and finance. As a result, MBA professionals are in extremely high demand. Everyone needs their services, whether it’s a little business or a large organisation. Your CAT Score determines the colleges to which you can apply. In addition, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience to qualify. An MBA can be a good choice for a high paying career.

14. Career Option after BA : Video editing/graphic design

It is best to master the art if you are interested in curating video content/videography or simply like graphic design as a job after your BA. You can enrol in graphic design classes both in-person and online. 

After BA, various graphic design jobs and video editing jobs are available in the corporate and entertainment sectors for people passionate about visual storytelling. If you have a talent for creating thought-provoking pictures, you can work on freelancing design assignments or even full-time careers in the graphics and video editing fields. You can also take video editing and graphic design classes and film editing courses to brush up on your design skills or expand your understanding of picture and editing software applications.

15. Career Option after BA : Digital Marketing

Businesses are increasingly turning to digital marketing for development and income as digitalization advances. So naturally, this has resulted in a more significant demand for digital marketers than previously.

This indicates that if you are a student in the Arts stream, you have a great chance of pursuing a career in the Digital Marketing field.

You can work as a digital marketer if you’ve always wanted to be a part of the digital sector. Digital marketers assist companies and organisations in promoting their products and services on the internet. In addition, digital marketers help their clients to make better use of online platforms to gain more customers and expand their company. If you’re interested in the online industry, it could be a terrific career choice for you.

You can study SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, and Marketing Analytics. In addition, you’ll learn how websites work, how social media platforms work, and how to use them effectively. You’ll learn about tools used by digital marketers.

16. Career Options After BA: Advertising

For decades, advertising has been a part of our lives, and the medium’s evolution is fascinating. Advertising is all about presenting a product to people so that their buying instincts are triggered.

If you are a good communicator, creative, fast thinker, and exceptional at developing relationships, it is an exciting profession to pursue as a career option after your BA.

17. Career Options After BA: Journalism

Journalism is an excellent career option after BA, especially as the digital world grows in popularity.

After obtaining a BA, you can pursue a range of careers, such as writing for a magazine, curating content for news organisations’ internet portals, and so on.

Although you can acquire a job in journalism with a BA, you might get more experience by enrolling in a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. In India, the beginning income is roughly 3.86 LPA, according to PayScale.

A regular six-semester BA degree will provide a solid basis for your professional career. If you are interested in being a journalist, you should get some hands-on experience in broadcasting, publishing, and other related fields. Furthermore, you will need to interact with people from various walks of life during your journalistic career. It will help you improve your writing, reporting, strategy, editing, and communications abilities. With this degree, you can become an expert in media, communications, and journalism.

18. Career Options After BA Degree: Become an expert in business analytics.

If you’ve always wanted to use cutting-edge technology to solve issues, a career in Business Analytics might be right for you. In addition, business analytics is concerned with studying and exploring previous business performance to gain insight and make appropriate plans.

Business analytics professionals, as the name implies, evaluate problems and develop practical solutions. They make better judgments for the company’s future by analysing previous decisions, performance, and results.

To begin, you’ll learn how to apply a variety of technological solutions to tackle business-related issues. Tableau, MS Excel, MySQL, Python, and a variety of other technologies will be covered. Then, you can pursue an MBA with a speciality in Business Analytics to receive the most significant learning experience.

For PG courses, only a bachelor’s degree is required. For the MBA with a speciality in Business Analytics, however, you must have a minimum of 55 percent in your undergraduate degree, 3+ years of professional job experience, and a Bachelor’s degree.

19. Career Options After BA: Data scientist (Diploma in Data Science)

People hold the misunderstanding that entering data science requires a Science degree or a tech-related degree. It’s incorrect. With a BA degree, you can also work as a data scientist.

You can enrol in a Data Science course and begin a new adventure. Data science is the study of extracting insights from unstructured and structured data utilising systems, algorithms, and scientific approaches. Data mining, big data, and deep learning are all areas where they can be used.

Data Science courses covers machine learning, predictive analysis, natural language processing, big data, and other relevant topics. You can work in the computer industry with a Data Science diploma. The payscale for this sector is quite promising especially abroad.

20. Become an attorney (LLB) After BA

The law is one of the most common employment alternatives after a BA. In India, obtaining a Bachelor of Legislator Law (LLB) is required to practise law. You will be able to practise law after completing this course. For those interested in the judiciary, it is a vast field.

You can work as a legal counsellor for institutions and businesses if you have an LLB. You can also study for the Judicial Services Exam and pursue a career as a judge, a popular alternative.

You’ll study the functioning of the courts, the many components of India’s Constitution, and other essential issues. Then, after earning an LLB, you can continue your education and specialise in a particular area of law, such as criminal law or divorce law. Being an Attorney is quite prestigious and you can also help people who are in trouble or needs assistance on legal matters.


As a result, these were the most popular post-BA jobs chosen by students. Therefore, you need to better understand the numerous job opportunities open to you after completing a bachelor’s degree in arts. Furthermore, pursuing a postgraduate degree following your BA might help you advance your knowledge in your chosen sector.

To locate a perfect postgraduate course in the field of Arts, you can always contact the special divisions of institutions. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate programme based on your interests and career goals.

FAQs on Career Options After BA

1.Which Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme pays the most?

With an average compensation of INR 5 LPA, a graphic designer is one of the highest-paying creative jobs in India. Still, with experience and expertise, this number may rise to INR 8 LPA, making it one of the highest-paying jobs for art students.

2.Is BA suitable for IAS?

Yes, the BA course is beneficial in preparing for the IAS. The Indian Administrative Service is abbreviated as IAS. After two years, you will have earned a bachelor’s degree in arts and will be eligible to sit for UPSC admission exams (Union Public Service Commission).

3.Which BA programme is the best?

The best possibilities are a bachelor’s degree in economics or a bachelor’s degree in political science. For these two courses, most of India’s central universities have a high cut-off. Graduates of the BA Economics programme might find work in a variety of fields.

4.How to get a job in a bank after graduating with a BA?

While B. Com is a common choice for persons looking for jobs in banks, you can still apply for bank PO (probationary officer) tests that hire people in the government banking sector if you have a BA. You can apply for the SBI PO and IBPS PO after graduating with a minimum of 60% marks.

5.Is a BA required for UPSC?

The completion of a bachelor’s degree in any specialisation is the minimum requirement for appearing in a UPSC examination. A B.Sc., B.A., B. Comm., or any other bachelor’s degree meets the UPSC examination eligibility requirements. You can also read about a career in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

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