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Choose the Best Resume Template for You

Best resume template

There are as many solutions as there are searches on the world wide web when looking for resume templates. The choice is overwhelming. But there’s a way out: just follow some basic rules and you can pick a template for your resume that will showcase your profile in the most compelling manner.


Stand out, be noticed

How clear and evocative your resume is of your abilities, experience and work ethic are key to receiving an interview call. The font you pick or the colour palette should be secondary, but still important. The design therefore should accentuate and help put the information forward effectively and artfully within limited space.

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Keep it simple

If you are of creative bent, or from a visual arts profession, it is natural to want to design your own resume template. But recruiters assess your experience and the information you provide in your resume, not its visual appeal. If it isn’t legible, all your hard work goes in vain.


Here are a few samples for you to take a cue from: 

Software Developer resume sample 

best resume template

HR resume sample 

Best resume sample

Data Scientist resume sample

Best resume sample

Trying to figure out which resume sample suits you best? Take a look here: Get the Best Resume Sample for Your Profile

Trust your gut

Clear titles, structured information, smooth navigation, etc., should be given top priority at all times. Listen to your inner voice when it comes to evaluating the aesthetics of your resume template. Keep the colours limited to two, and the font size of minimum 11 points in black sans serif style on a light-to-white background.

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The efficiency and relief of space

Spacing is key for the assessor to take in all the information without clutter and unnecessary design elements. Choose boxes and columns, but keep charts, tables and any other elements out of your resume. The recruiter could be printing your resume in greyscale so there’s no point using too many colours or highlights either. Most importantly, ensure that some keywords stand out with ample blank space around so automated recruitment systems and online portals can pick them up and bump up your resume easily.

Make your pick from these popular resume formats for efficient resume styling: Resume Formats: Choose the One That’s Right for You

Your version vs. original

When you’re done populating your resume template with information, its structure and flow may change. Check for inconsistencies such as spacing, font sizes and types, and lengthy sentences, and rectify them. Editing and restructuring may lead to loss of original settings too. Compare and copy-paste format wherever you need so your final resume is as elegant as the template you picked.

The guidelines here are indicative of how easily you can land interview calls with the power of efficient resume design templates. Let the spotlight be on your profile!

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