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Data Entry Job Description, Key Skills & Resume Tips

Data entry, sometimes referred to as a back-office job, is a highly sought job among every generation. This work can be easily done in the comfort of your home as well. All the companies produce data that is sensitive and sometimes confidential, which requires it to be managed efficiently.

The integrity of these companies depends on how well their data is collected and processed into their computer systems. Hence a well-qualified candidate is required to input the data into the system’s software and oversee the accuracy of the data being entered.

This article provides a particular data entry work sample to understand it better. Data entry is not an easy job and requires dedication to work because it is a total desk job.

The employees must possess specific skills and knowledge about computers and typing to do the job perfectly and efficiently. The company sometimes asks for particular skills and requires the individual to possess knowledge about their work.

They need to have some basic knowledge about computers and good typing skills to do this job. Other skills that are required for the job are elaborated on below. Such a data entry work sample will provide a detailed and better picture of what is expected for the job description and provide you with an idea of what to include in the resume. 

Skills for a Data Entry Job:

These skills can be entered into the data entry job description resume to make your CV stand out. The companies for which the candidates will be applying to will already have in their mind all the skills they need on their employees.

These skills are highlighted in the job description provided by the company to hire the employees. The candidates for the data entry job should possess certain kinds of skills to better work in this field such as: 

  • Good communication skills
  • Critical and abstract thinking
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-discipline
  • Good Work ethics
  • Good at planning and organizing
  • Teamwork 
  • Ability to work under pressure 

These skills are helpful to candidates who are willing to apply for the dya entry job. These skills are mostly preferred by the clients and the candidates presenting these skills are given more weightage. 

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Data Entry Specialist Job responsibilities:

The importance of the data entry job can be validated because the companies work efficiently. After all, the data is appropriately managed, processed, tested, and entered efficiently. The data needs to be correctly entered into the computer database and verified to minimize possible errors.

Every company has its general and specific requirements for the candidates and are specified in the job descriptions. The data entry work sample provided below will clarify further as to which company and which post requires what work from the candidates. This job, in general, requires a candidate to:

  • Gather data from clients, details from employees and other departments
  • Check the sources of the data if the information gathered from various sources
  • Prepare and sort the data
  • Check the data for relevant information
  • Verify the collected data
  • Check if there is an error in the data entered or collected
  • Scan the documents thoroughly
  • Enter the data in the computer database
  • Create a backup
  • Printing the data when required and storing the data in hard copies
  • Maintain records of evert information
  • Checking the completed work to ensure efficiency and accuracy

Data Entry Qualification Requirements:

Some data entry work sample included here mention the qualifications that the particular company requires, but some do not have many requirements.

  • The essential qualification for the job is typing and typing within a time limit with speed and accuracy.
  • Most companies do not require any previous work experience or educational qualification, but some companies give weightage to its weight.
  • Educational qualifications might include a high school diploma.
  • Candidates with formal computer training are preferred.
  • Good knowledge of grammar and spellings
  • Familiarity with MS Office is a huge advantage.

The clients prefer these qualifications, and the candidates who have more experience in the relevant field and have better MS office experience are suited better for the data entry job at various companies and different areas. The data entry work sample provided here gives a detailed description of the requirements of data entry specialist and data entry clerk

Resume for Data Entry Job Role

  • The data entry work sample provided below is a sample resume highlighting the work experience and the individual’s skills.
  • The resume is usually short and crisp and contains all the information about the individual related to the post or job they are applying for.
  • There are two types of data entry work sample provided to understand better what is included in the data entry job description resume. 
  • Every candidate applying for a data entry job must update their resume and follow a specific format to make their resume look presentable.
  • This will attract the client, and they would prefer giving work to the candidate. Before applying to the company, the candidate should keep in mind all the company’s requirements.
  • A resume should contain all the essential qualifications and experiences of the candidate and should be short, like provided in the data entry work sample below. 

Data Entry Job Role:

  • The data entry work sample included here for the data entry specialist mentions all the details and requirements for the job.
  • It consists of the description in a proper format, including the working conditions and how the candidate will be working.
  • All the educational requirements and the experience required for the job are given in detail, along with the post of data entry specialist for the company.
  • This data entry work sample includes all the skills that the company requires from the candidate and the functions they will perform when in the post of a data entry specialist. 
  • A data entry specialist is required to show excellent typing skills within the required amount of time. In addition, good management and organizational skills are preferred and given a weightage to. 
  • Every company provides the role required to be fulfilled by the candidate in the data entry specialist job description.
  • The data specialist usually serves as a link between the information on paper and the computer database. Their primary role is to transfer the data to the computer database and store the hard copies safely. 

Data Entry Clerk Job Description:

  • This data entry work sample provides a data entry clerk job description for a healthcare company. The model provides all the details of the job and the requirements of the candidate.
  • A data entry clerk must have good typing skills and proficiency in the language that the company requires the candidate to work upon. 
  • A data entry clerk is required to gather information from different sources, verify them thoroughly, and feed them into the company’s computer database.
  • In addition, they must keep track of the hard copies, enter the data into the system, and make sure there are most minor or no errors in the entry.
  • This job requires a lot of efficiency and dedication towards work. 

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Each company has its own needs and requirements from the post, and for working in a specific type of setting, the candidate needs to be familiar with that setting prior. This data entry work sample shows the importance of mentioning the candidate’s general and specific duties in the work setting.

Data entry Portfolio Samples:

  • A portfolio is an essential part while creating a job profile. It showcases all the work you have done prior and all your experiences in the field you want to work on and other areas.
  • It creates a positive impression on the clients, and a good portfolio is always preferred.
  • A data entry work sample of a portfolio is included to give you an idea how the portfolio looks like. This data entry sample work contains all the work the candidate has done, and the experiences gained.
  • This provides credibility to your profile, and a client is more inclined to hire you for the job. 
  • This section on the profile of an individual provides a brief description of their work and provides a message to the client that the candidate is confident and determined. All the related job experiences go into the portfolio, giving the details of the job done and the feedback from the job.
  • The second data entry work sample of the portfolio provides information about the same.
  • It involves the description of the project given to the candidate and the duration for which the candidate has worked on the project, and their experience in the field.

Conclusion on Data Entry Job Description

Data entry is one of the most important jobs in today’s time. Candidates working in this job have a lot of desk work to do but the integrity of the company depends on them.

This kind of a data entry work sample is here to provide you with the basic idea of how a data entry job description resume looks and what you need to include in your portfolio for a data entry job.

There are various types of data entry work sample of data entry specialist job description and data entry clerk job description which tell you what are the requirements of these particular jobs. 

Some companies require work experience of one to two years in the relevant industry or the similar work setting while some are open to hire freshers as well. This is one of the reasons there are so many students that look for this job as a part time job to support them financially.

Some companies also provide full time jobs. Each company has their own specific criteria and requirements regarding the educational qualifications and work experience. Before applying to the company, check beforehand what are the criteria they have set for the job and then update your resume accordingly.

A portfolio will preferably attract more clients because it includes all of your work and all your experience that a client can check and see for themselves how determined you are regarding your work.

This makes a positive impression on them and they are more likely to hire you for the job in their company. 

FAQs on Data Entry Job Description

Q.1 What is the job description for a data entry work sample?

Ans: They are copy typists who enter data into database systems and generate reports based on the information on a regular basis.

Q.2 Mention the skills required to write in a data entry work sample resume.

Ans: A basic knowledge of the software and fast typing skills is required.

Q.3 Mention the software used for data entry.

Ans: Jotform and Wufoo are two of the many softwares used.

Q.4 Mention the types of data entry services.

Ans: Formatting, conversion and transcription of data

Q.5 Which is the best data entry job?

Ans: Quicktate and Capital typing 

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