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Data Entry Resume Format & Writing Tips

There is a lot of confusion in the minds of people relating to the data entry resume sample. Data entry resume is helpful to people who are experts in data entry, spreadsheets, word processing, and specific software and want to take a job in these categories.

Data entry jobs are simple, and a person requires low qualifications. To work as a data entry employee, a person should make a resume for seeking a job.

Every type of data entry resume can use the following guide to write a practical and valuable resume data entry.

What is a Data Entry Job about?

Before making a data entry resume a person should know how the job they are looking for works does. Let us know about the data entry job:

Data entry workers use computers, technology, and data processing programs to type or enter the information of certain things into a database or a documentation platform.

Data entry job can also be understood as transcribing data from phone conversations or any recordings. Some examples of data entry jobs can include updating customer information and entering accounting records.  

The files or data saved by data entry can help maintain records and store people’s information that will be used as a communication source.

A data entry specialist is very good at data entry and even has experience in data entry. 

An assistant data entry specialist is a person who sources system entry by the way of arranging and compiling information. 

A data entry clerk is someone who works in a computer system and enters or updates data. Using a keyboard, data is frequently entered into a computer from paper documents.

Special keys and multiple colours are frequently utilised on keyboards to aid in the process and speed up work.

What are the Qualifications for a Data Entry Job?

A person willing to work in the field of data entry should be qualified as:

  • He should have done a high school diploma or any general education degree 
  • He should have a minimum of 2 years of data entry experience or general office experience.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office is mandatory.
  • Strong computer skills should be necessary.
  • An applicant should have the ability to enter data into a computer quickly.
  • He should be comfortable with office equipment including a computer, scanner, telephone, and photocopier.
  • They should have the ability to think analytically.

Skills for Data Entry Clerk & Specialist Job

  • Typing speed of the applicant should be fast
  • The applicant should have basic software knowledge
  • Verbal and written communication skills should be high and good
  • The applicant should have a skill of writing things in detail
  • Organizational and time management skills are present in the applicant
  • Basic research and data collection skill should be present in the applicant
  • Applicant should have basic knowledge of database structure

Details to be added in a Data Entry Resume 

While applying to any job, a resume should have the following details as a basic need and to impress the employer:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Short address that contains city name, ZIP code, phone number, and email address
  • Resume Objective (a short but understandable paragraph about the applicant)
  • Education contains the school name, city, state of the school, degree (if any), and the applicant can include their GPA and a summary of their work.
  • Experience (if any) 
  • Job title, company name and location of the company where the applicant has experience must be written.
  • Awards and Acknowledgements (if any)

Things to Remember for Data Entry Resume

A data entry resume is quite different from the resume of other jobs. Data entry work requires good knowledge of the computer. So, people seeking a data entry job should highlight their computer skills and their work experience relating to computers.

Following is a guide to understand how to write a data entry resume for a data entry job:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant, the phone number that the applicant is currently using, and the email address of the applicant
  • Resume Objective or summary of qualifications
  • Skills of the applicant that can include: data entry, order processing, word processing, spreadsheet, database programs, invoicing and inventory systems, CRM Platforms, administrative support, purchasing, shipping operations, accounts payable and receivable, etc…
  • Experience of the applicant as work of data entry or job relating to data entry.
  • The achievements and key contributions of the applicant relating to data entry or jobs relating to that.
  • The interest of the applicant.

Skills to Add in Data Entry Resume

  • Detail representative
  • Knowledge of any basic computer software 
  • Fast typing skill
  • Accurate data entry mentioned
  • Independent ability work
  • Editing the written data
  • Recreation of normal data into confidential data
  • Self- directed employee

Achievements of a Data Entry in their Resume

It is essential to include accomplishments in the data entry resume because it positively impacts the employer. Whether it may be small or big, the achievements are written to give a solid attitude to the employer. Achievements can be presented in the data entry resume by following ideas:

  • The input of more than 5000 pages of data per month
  • The information of about 4000 customer orders into the company’s data management system per month
  • Up to 98% of accuracy in the data entry typed
  • Up to 17 projects each month is done
  • Solved up to 150 problems in the data entered by others
  • Worked on unique projects of the company
  • Been complimented by supervisor and many co-workers
  • Came up with new ideas that improved things

Resume Objective to be written in the Data Entry Resume

A resume objective is like a summary of the job applicant. The resume objective gives strength to the resume. An applicant must write a resume objective as it is the first impression on the employer. Suppose an applicant registers a good resume objective.

In that case, the employer can proceed to read the remaining data entry resume. If the applicant writes a not-so-good resume objective, the employer will lose interest in the job applicant and decline to read the remaining resume. The data entry resume objective should be practical and good with the tips gives below:

  • The resume objective of the applicant should be a detailed view of the applicant not exceeding 5 lines
  • The resume objective should be short
  • Effective words like a mindful person, ready to work person should be added in the resume objective
  • Applicant should use proper English grammar in the resume objective and throughout the resume as well

A data entry resume can be given importance if anything related to computer or data entry specialization is mentioned. So, the resume objective can be written as “with high computer knowledge and experience of 3 years in the field of data entry, I am seeking a job opportunity in XYZ company as a data entry clerk”.

Tips to write an Effective Data Entry Resume

There are people who write a resume and think that it is good enough to impress the employer but they don’t get the job because of the poor appearance of their resume. So, here are few tips that will enlighten the data entry resume of an applicant:

  • The achievements should be written clearly to impress the employer
  • The word count per minute should be written that too in bold  
  • Speed of writing should be written as KPH (keyword per hour) example for the KPH to understand better is given below
  • Skills should be written as much as possible (but they should be true)
  • Experience also should be written with the company’s name and its location.

How to write Experience in the Data Entry Resume

Education plays an essential role in life and the eyes of the borrower. The education status of the applicant in the data entry resume should be presented in a good practical way to impress the applicant. After writing the experience category, the education category should be written.

Every single education achievement should be written in the data entry resume. The certificates obtained by taking an online course or any other computer or any specialization course taken by any university or school should be mentioned in the resume. 

  • Data entry specialist from 00/00/000 to 00/00/000 (date from which the applicant starts working to the date they worked) and the location of the company
  • Then the name of the company where the applicant has experience
  • Few records that the applicant has created in the experience company and the achievements of the applicant in the previous experience company
  • If the applicant has any other experience that should be written below the latest experience. 

Applicants should mention their entire experience list in the data entry resume to assure the employer that they know about data entry.

They have worked in many companies that have promoted the applicant by looking at their stability. Suppose the applicant has the only experience in one company.

In that case, that one experience should be written reasonably. If the applicant has experience in more than one company, that should be written excellently to impress the employer.

Few points related to the achievements and few points about the records of the applicant in the experienced company should be written in order to show the capability of the applicant.

Following is a sample to understand how to write experience in data entry resume if the applicant has more than one experience: 

How to write the Education Status of the Applicant in Data Entry Resume

Education plays an essential role in life and the eyes of the borrower. The education status of the applicant in the data entry resume should be presented in a good practical way to impress the applicant.

After writing the experience category, the education category should be written.

Every single education achievement should be written in the data entry resume. The certificates obtained by taking an online course or any other computer or any specialization course taken by any university or school should be mentioned in the resume. 

The education status of the applicant in the data entry resume should be written as discussed. 

Advice for Data Entry Resume:

  • A different and creative way should be used to design a resume. An ordinary and boring resume can bore the employer, and the interest to read the resume will reduce. Employers give importance to the resume that is interesting and easy to understand. So, the applicant should be careful and active with their resume objective and the resume’s font that gives energy to the resume. 
  • The resume should contain the latest information of the applicant, not of something that was held 10-15 years ago. The employer prefers good and latest technology in their employees. That is why an applicant should write things about recent technology in their resume. 
  • Whether it may be small or significant achievements should be written in the data entry resume. Achievements give strength to the resume of the applicant. Achievements are meant to show off the ability of the applicant. Achievements are a kind of reflection of the hard work of the applicant. If the achievements are written, the applicant will have an excellent chance to get the job.
  • Whether it may be of applicants or something else, negative things shouldn’t be mentioned in the data entry resume. Negative things have a terrible impact on employers. Positive things can have a good effect on the applicant’s resume.
  • An applicant should not lie in their resume as the company’s employers may cross-check or send an agent to know about the applicant. If the applicant lies, then the impression will be spoiled, affecting the chances of getting a job. So it is suggested to avoid lying in the resume.
  • Bullets and pointers will keep the resume’s content very organized, and the tips will make the applicant’s resume easy to read and understand.

Data Entry Courses

  • SAP WM Course: in this course, a student can learn the business usage of RF devices and their significance in the warehouse business. Testing of different standard SAP RF Transaction Codes and Required configuration steps can be learned.
  • Online Accounting course: An online account is a process of using internet technology like web browsers and smartphones to help a person perform business accounting functions. These all types of online accounts can be learned by taking online accounting courses. This is helpful for jobs relating to data entry and reports that are used for typical data saving.
  • Word processing course: this course can be helpful to learn how to create documents using Microsoft Word and Google docs. This source is useful for people who have no experience with these word processing programs.  
  • Computer calculations: computation or computer calculation is a common type of calculation that includes the arithmetical and the non- arithmetical steps. It follows a well-defined model-like algorithm. Computer calculations courses are made to teach people how to perform calculations with the use of computers. Computer calculations are used while storing any salary data of employees of the company. A person who knows how to calculate and store data using a computer will be selected for storing important information of the employees that are to deduct the days of leaves in salary and storing the data.
  • Clerical organization course: clerical workers are defined as administrative support staff for a business. They answer phones, printing and faxing, filing, managing mail, and do data entry. A clerical course is given to teach people various clerical and administrative duties. The clerical course will be given a separate certificate. This helps in the data entry resume of an individual. In this course, instruction of ordering supplies, answering phones, filings, and time management skills are learned by an individual.
  • Bookkeeping course: in everyday words, bookkeeping is a record of financial transactions. A bookkeeper is the one who stores the financial transactions of an individual. In the source of bookkeeping, an individual can learn general ledger, classifying transactions, creating and managing a budget, filing taxes, and instating financial controls. The process of bookkeeping is more complex than accounting. The course of bookkeeping can be learned by the people interested in the jobs relating to data saving and data entry, as bookkeeping is a kind of data entry, but here the transactions are stored instead of names.
  • Lateral entry course: The lateral entry program is a new and innovative program applicable for students who have completed three years in the studies of diploma in engineering, or a student who has completed a B.Sc. degree or any equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% marks can take admission. This course increases the value of education from a B.Sc. degree of diploma in engineering to B.Tech. Degree in only three years. To join the Lateral entry course, a student should first qualify for the Joint Entrance exam for lateral entry, that is, JELET. Only after preparing for the exam will a person be capable of applying and studying the lateral entry course that will improve a student’s education status in the resume.

Full guide to Data Entry Resume

Even if a person doesn’t have any experience in data entry or has 15 years of experience, a person should write a data entry resume in the following way to get quick and effective results relating to the job. 

  • The name and address of the applicant must be written at the start with their contact number and their email address to get the information relating to the job. 
  • Then the resume objective should be written in 5 to 6 sentences. The resume objective should be written in order to impress the employer. The resume objective should be filled with the plus points of the applicant. That will influence the employer to read the rest of the resume. The resume objective will give the first impression on the employer and that should be effective.
  • Then the education of the applicant must be written. All of the detailed views of the applicant must be written in the resume. The years of education and the place of education must be written clearly.
  • The skills of the applicant must be written. Skills have a great influence on the job given to the applicant. Any lie shouldn’t be written in the resume. All of the skills of the applicant must be enhanced clearly. The way of presentation of skills must be formal and interesting.
  • If the applicant has no experience, then the applicant should leave this category and write the remaining resume effectively as the employer prefers an experienced candidate. But if there is no experience then the applicant must enhance the skills and the education properly and depend on the skills and education job will be offered to the non-experience candidate.
  • If the applicant has experience of many years, the company’s name and years of serving must be written. And if the applicant wants the rewards and achievements in the company, work can be written. The years of experience should be written as the latest. That means if the applicant has experience in more than 4 companies then the latest 2 companies must be written this will give indirect information to the employer that the applicant is aware of the latest technologies and latest jobs. This can be a plus point to the applicant to get a job.
  • Lastly, the interest of the applicant must be written. The interest of the applicant must be shown formally. This will also have a great influence on the employer. Again there should be no lying in the resume. Whatever may be the interest of the applicant that should be shown in a good way to understand and that looks interesting.

Conclusion on Data Entry Resume Examples

The above-given samples and writing guide can enlighten up the data entry resume. Resumes should be written reasonably with formal language that will leave a good impression on the employer.

FAQs on Data Entry Resume Writing Tips

Q1.What can be the questions asked by the employer for a data entry clerk job?

Answer: the questions asked for the data entry clerk job can be as following:

  • Why do you want this job?
  • Have you ever worked in data entry before?
  • What are your professional strengths?
  • Why should we hire you for this job?
  • Where can the data entry information be stored?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What are the common types of storing data in a computer?

Q2. How can an applicant prepare for the data entry test?

Answer: practicing for regular typing tests and reading about the computer techniques can help prepare the data entry test. Data entry tests will have a typing test that includes more numbers and symbols than a regular typing test. A student can practice more typing of long numbers with additional characters to crack the data entry test. Techniques related to fast typing can help a lot while data entry tests.

Q3.What is a good score on a data entry test?

Answer: data entry test is about how fast a student can type numbers, symbols, and letters in a few minutes given by the person testing. A person can know their score is good if it is around 10 000 KPH or 98% accuracy. Both speed and accuracy matter while trying data entry.

Q4. How to increase typing speed to get a good score in a data entry test?

Answer: data entry test includes fact typing of numbers, symbols, and words. To get a good score on the data entry test, an applicant should follow the given tips:

  • Correct starting position: a person can get good typing speed if the starting point of the applicant’s hand is valid. The person should keep good writing on the keys that are used frequently.
  • Do not look at the hands frequently while typing: a person should look right to the screen. That may cause a loss of confidence and waste the person’s time.
  • Practice: a person should frequently practice getting good typing speed. While practicing, the above points should be given more importance. While practicing, a person should be confident and feel like he is giving a test. Even while practicing, this can provide him with strength while attending the examination.

Q5. What should be the average typing speed of a data entry clerk?

Answer: a data entry clerk should have a good typing speed that will be affecting their job. A data entry clerk should have about 40 to 70 words per minute, which is the minimum typing speed of a data entry clerk.

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