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Top 10 Engineering Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

Human resources are assets valuable to any business. When one needs a human resource, one advertises, asks questions of shortlisted respondents, and selects.

The Engineer is a specialist that industrial organizations are willing to hire to meet their business requirements.

The system of selecting engineers is as for any other form of business activity – eliciting answers for the questions posed, known by the very familiar term Interview.

A once-upon-a-time simple, informal and unstructured, the procedure has transformed to the other extreme of becoming a complex exercise.

That is why books like Engineering Interview Question & Answers have seen the light of the day. From likely questions to tips on answering and other lessons in preparedness are imparted.

The fresher just out of college, the eager aspirant wanting to make a switch-over to Engineering would like to be guided properly. Hence Interview questions help needed for the interview, is available through books like Engineering Interview Question & Answers.

Interviews – A Critical Component in the Selection

When jobs are limited and requirements have to be met from thousands of applications sorted and screened before finalizing the list, it becomes imperative for organizations to bring down the numbers to a very limited figure. Several rounds of written and other forms of job interview questions and answers tests are carried out before finally picking the ‘best of the best through the interview process.

Why is the interview so important for the employer?

There are three main considerations in the Engineering Interview Question & Answers deliberated in the mind of the employer.

  • How useful would the selected person be after going through the Engineering Interview Question & Answers process?
  • Would he or she provide true responses to questions related to organizational requirements apart from the usual specialization related interview questions?
  • Is the selected candidate who has been through the rigid Engineering Interview Question & Answers process beyond doubt a good fit?

The interview is the last round in the selection process, leaving no room for mistakes that could prove costly later on. It also bears a reflection on the thinking process of the organization.

That is why employers lay so much emphasis on the personal round of the Engineering Interview Question & Answers, the last hurdle for the worthy candidate to clear successfully.

What is the purpose that the Engineering Interview Question & Answers serves?

  • It serves as a basis for assessing the suitability of an applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities for the job.
  • It becomes a useful means to collect additional information on an applicant that would not have surfaced in earlier rounds.
  • The Engineering Interview Question & Answers serves as a platform to decide the fate of the applicant on whether he or she should be interviewed further, hired, or not considered.

Some organizations retain a list of such candidates who have narrowly missed being selected for being called later. When some other candidates leave the organization, the entire process from the start need not be gone through, and simply a one or two-step Engineering Interview Question & Answers process could ensure the outcome of the final selection.

Engineering Interview Question & Answers serve as subject matter guides

The Engineering Interview Question & Answers ensures a thorough probing on the subject and questions raised pertaining to the branch of study chosen by the candidate. Specialists compile likely questions based on interviews of past candidates, with possible ones also added.

Books on civil engineering interview questions and answers focus on questions related to structures, buildings, etc. Other important areas of study like planning, design, budgeting, surveying, construction management and analysis etc., also figure in these sample questions.

Those joining industries mug up mechanical engineering questions and answers for their interviews that relate to the Laws of Thermodynamics, boilers, mechanics, dynamics, industrial machinery and equipment, and others.

Electrical Engineering pass-outs have to face electrical engineering interview questions and answers that center around transformers, circuit breakers, cables, electrical systems design, maintenance, and protection. The difference between electrical and electronic circuits is sometimes asked.

Computer Science and Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and other modern areas of Engineering are now being taught, and jobs are being offered by relevant industries. The latest to join the wagon is Space Engineering.

Books with Engineering Interview Question & Answers stacked on shelves of book shops are getting cash registers ringing and keeping publishers happy.

Interviews Today – More complex than ever

Freshers simply poured over Engineering Interview Question & Answers and got ready to answer questions that came their way in all nature of technical interviews.

The comfort no longer exists! The ambit of questions and responses in the Engineering Interview Question & Answers has widened beyond recognition. Beyond the answers to technical questions, now you have situational questions, job knowledge questions, job sample simulation questions, Worker requirements questions and a string of others that baffle you, haunt you, daunt you and whatever else.

The reason is simple – unable to cope up with an increasing number of applications for limited jobs, the personal interview with the above arsenal has become a courtroom to decide your fate – Job / No Job.

Types of Engineer Interview

In one of the frequently asked engineer interview questions, a candidate was questioned on the type of interviews that he was aware of. This is a list of the widely followed types of Interviews.

  • Unstructured or Non-Directive Interview
  • Structured (Directive) Interview
  • Situational Interview
  • Behavioural Interview
  • Job-related Interview
  • Stress Interview
  • Panel Interview (Board Interview)
  • One-On-One Interview
  • Mass Interview (Group Interview)
  • Phone Interview

10 Common Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Not all interviews have the same type of questions, and trying to pore through all sorts of interview questions books would be time-consuming and taxing.

But if those that seem popular, like Engineering Interview Question & Answers, are referred to by many of your friends and also splashed in Advertisements in the media, they act as sure-fire guides that could help. Here are sample Q & A to peruse through.

Q1. Could you kindly tell us something about yourself?

Known as the ice-breaker question to put you at ease, it gives an opportunity to speak. That does not mean you answer anything flippant or consider the interviewer your friend. The response decides how seriously the person on the opposite side is going to take you and how long he would like to entertain you further.

The interviewer is not keen on hearing your life story. Focus on highlighting your subject interests, past achievements, level of confidence in your subject, and how useful you could possibly be.

Q2. Can you tell us why we should hire you?

In short, they are simply asking the question, how useful would you be to the organization.

Simply state your strengths in line with the job requirements. Emphasize how useful you would be since, additionally, you know this, this, and this.

Q3. What are your strengths /weaknesses?

Not whether you can lift 60 Kg. weights or that you cannot wake up at 6 A.M. no matter how hard you try. Professionally, what can you do best and what are the job-related inadequacies you might have, and what are you going to do about them?

Q4. What short-term goals do you have? And long-term goals, if any?

A question that asks how well-prepared are you for growth given opportunity at some later date.

If you are a computer engineer, simply mention some facet in programming you are good at. But you feel that alongside you should know this too that could come in useful for the company.

Q5. Would you be able to relocate?

A tricky question! You could reply with Yes. But if unwilling, excuse yourself by saying that certain priorities set earlier prevent you from leaving the place as of now.

Q6. What do you do in your spare time?

You could simply say that with little to spare after office hours daily, you enjoy watching current events, simple comedy films on TV and a quiet time with the family on Sundays.

Q7. If selected, how soon could you join us?

You could say “Yes, immediately” or “Sorry, not immediately. I need to visit my ailing aunt in Chennai. I believe a week from today would be alright with you.”

Q8. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I have been chosen as a Trainee Engineer today in your company. Five years from now, I see myself becoming an expert in breaker maintenance and trouble-shooting, reaching the No.2 spot in the department.

Q9. Are you open for tonight’s shifts?

Sorry. Though once in a while it could be managed, I am attending certain enhancement courses after office hours that would be useful for the company too if I did. I would not be able to cope up with the additional load.

Q10. Tell something that has made you feel proud of yourself.

Last year I trained in XYZ company under the internship program from my college. I find that my project has been appreciated by the Head of my new department in your company for innovativeness.

The Interview process no longer retains its traditional simplicity. Still, it has transformed into a battleground for the pitting of wits between employers and aspirants – a situation arising out of a need on both sides but tilted unfavorably against the job seekers.

This too shall pass, and normalcy shall return, but till such time it’s a return to eke out more from Engineering Interview Question & Answers.

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