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How to Write Resume for Experienced Teacher – Sample & Examples

Being a teacher is a competitive job. However, it is a rewarding job as you get the rare opportunity to influence someone else’s life. A teacher’s job is to support, motivate, and believe in a child to push him forward and bring out the best in the child.

The position of being a tutor is not easy. If you want to begin a career in teaching, you need to have an experienced teacher resume and the required qualifications.

For that, you need to have a well-presented resume. Those who do not have any experience in teaching can also get the job if their resume is impressive.  

Tips and Tricks to make an Experienced Teacher Resume:

1. Know your audience- In this case, consider yourself as the recruiter and understand what experience letter for teacher and qualifications would you look for tutoring in others. So, many will look at your experienced teacher resume and the method of your teaching. While writing a resume, make sure that you do not discuss the duties and tasks but focus more on what you achieved in your previous job.

2. Frame your resume according to the job- Every time while applying for the job, do not copy-paste your resume and send it to the recruiter. Instead, make sure to update your resume to apply for the job. Add the relevant skills and experience letter for a teacher that makes you a suitable candidate to apply for the job. Framing a resume does not mean writing it from scratch; it means adding or deducting experience letters for teachers and the skills according to the job. 

3. Focus on being the perfect candidate for the job- So, before posting a job vacancy, the recruiter has a particular picture of an employee in mind. So, it would help if you focused on being the perfect candidate by having the skills and qualifications that the employer is looking for. 

4. Use the relevant keywords- Make sure the resume contains the proper educational vocabulary. Again, It helps to highlight the experience in a particular field. 

CV stands for curriculum vitae. In the US, Canada and Australia, a CV is a document for academic purposes. The CV is to be used when you apply for the job. A CV, in general, highlights the career aspects and the achievements of an individual. 

A resume is paired with a cover letter to convince the employer that you are hirable for the job. 

Many of us remember our favorite teacher. Being a kid, everyone remembers how there is always one teacher who brings out the best in students in school because the teacher believed and pushed the student to be the better version of themselves.

But we as students never give much thought and time to understand how teachers get the job. 

Some teaching job openings get hundreds of applications depending on the school. Therefore, your resume should be such that the reader should be impressed within five to eight seconds just by glancing over the resume.

Building a resume that captures the Principal’s eye or the HR is not that difficult task. You have to follow a few rules for building a resume.

The details of what and what not be included in an experienced teacher resume are given below: 

Steps to write an Experienced Teacher Resume

The steps on how to write an experienced teacher resume are given below:

Structure the Resume Template Properly- The purpose of any resume is to make the reader understand how fit you are for the job. But, before one can tell them about their abilities, one has to organize a document in a style that doesn’t get rejected. 

Here are the steps to format the teacher resume sample :

Style – Using a reverse sequential order is the way to build a resume template in most cases. Sequential order is the order that lists your job, starting with the most recent one at the top that is by the old ones below. The sequential order of the resume is also known as the chronological resume and is the readers favorite.

The reverse chronological resume is functional when :

  • A person has particular years of experience.
  • A person has no gaps in employment, i.e. the person has not been unemployed for long. 
  •  When a person’s career graph has been fixed and balanced.

The sections on how to format a teacher resume 2021 contains the following details:

  • Name and the job title– It sometimes may get tricky as to which to add. So, the confusion is whether to put the current tag or the designation title that the individual applies for. So, now, if you are applying for a job as a teacher and have teaching experience, then it is best to add the current job title.

But if you are applying for a job as a marketer and have teaching experience, you are making a career-changing resume. Then, in this case, an individual should draw the recruiter’s attention to both the skills and knowledge. 

  • Contact information– One should always add their current contact information on the resume. One should always mention the phone number, linked in profile and email ID to make it easy for the recruiter. 
  • Resume objective– The resume objectives bring attention to the previous experience letter for teacher. In addition to the experience letter for teacher, the goal focuses on the skills.
  • Professional Experience– The professional experience is the heart and mind of the whole resume. Here are a few tips and tricks for writing the professional experience certificate format for teacher.

One should always put up the latest or current position on the top. Then, add the previous ones later. 

An individual should list the dates worked, the title of the job, and the school’s name for whichever position worked. Adding a location of the school could be a plus.

One should always focus on listing down the achievements instead of responsibilities. 

If possible, make a particular section of crucial achievements. 

One should start the bullet points with strong words such as delivered, managed, achieved, etc. 

Always present the experience letter for teacher for the position that you applied for. 

  • Education– The education section comes above the experience section in a resume. In this section:

If a person has more than two years of experience, then list. 

  • University name 
  • Graduation year
  • Degree 
  • Major

If you are a fresher, add the following details.

If your GPA is 3.5 or higher, add it to your experienced teacher resume.

Add the subjects or the courses you studied that are relevant to the job an individual applies for. 

Add about the study abroad education. Mention the school or college name with the degree.                                               

Skills– The skills section is an essential element of the experienced teacher resume. There is no need to list skills in any order, but you can list them alphabetically. The skills on your resume should always be the relevant ones. One can talk about soft, hard and technical skills.

Soft skills are the skills that are related to the personality and ability to work with others. These are the skills that can understand a student better and teach a variety of lessons. Here are some of the soft skills for an experienced teacher resume:

  • Communication, 
  • Time management, 
  • Confidence.

Hard skills are the abilities and skills that you are learning over some time. Hard skills are the skills you get certified for. Here are some of the hard skills:

  • Computer skills,
  • Grading, 
  • Curriculum

The other skills that could be added are IT teacher, science and technology. These are the technical skills in addition to the soft and hard skills. These skills tell about the software that you can use. Here are some of the technical skills:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Java script
  • Corel draw
  • Algebra
  • Geometry, etc.

Additionally, you can add some of the classroom management skills to the resume. Some of the skills are :

  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • My Edu

Lastly, some other skills can be used both inside and outside of the classroom. Some examples of these skills are:

  • Microsoft Office
  • iMovie
  • GIMP

Here are some tips to get the skills section right. 

An individual should always read the job offer properly to know what skills the job requires and note them.

Find the common skills that you possess and the recruiter requires. Then mention the same skills and highlight them on your resume. 

Mention up to 10 of such common skills in the experience letter for teacher

Additional Skills- Adding other skills can always get you extra points. In this section, one can talk about hobbies, achievements, interests, and languages learned. 

Fonts – Choosing a good resume font does all the job. However, one should take care of the following points while choosing the font.

  • An individual should make sure that the resume is accessible in the eyes of the reader.
  • Use a universal font, i.e. the font that opens on every computer.
  • Always differentiate the headings and the text with bold, italics and by the size of the font. 
  • The most common font is black Times New Roman in size 12. 
  • Avoid the underlining or phrases in a resume because it becomes too cluttered then.

Font Size– The font size for experienced teacher resume will be 14-16 for headings and 11-12 points for regular text.

Margins–  There are proper measurements set for the resume template. Here are the following things one needs to keep in mind.

  • Keep a margin of at least one inch on each side and shouldn’t be less than half an inch.
  • Use the default Word and Google docs margin and change only when required.
  • Always make sure to align the text on your left.

Line spacing–  One should always use single spacing in the experienced teacher resume

Sections– An individual should leave a lot of white space for the reader’s eyes.

File type– One should send resumes in a PDF format unless asked for any other form like Word Docs. 

Start with a Teacher Resume Job Description- Considering the amount of competition, an individual has to do an excellent job to write the work experience section in a resume template.

A section explains your past work experience, which is the essential part of the job application. When the employer asks for your resume, he is interested in the work history and nothing else.  

If you want your experience certificate format for teacher to stand out, highlight the achievements, and outline the duties and responsibilities. To immediately get hired, you should give a standout answer to ‘why should we hire you?’ Instead of showing the work done, focus on how well you handled it.

How to List Work Experience Step by Step 

1. Always make the section heading readily noticeable. 

Label this section with one of the listed below title-

  • Work Experience
  • Experience letter format download
  • Employment History
  • Work History

2. Make this section title more significant than the text and write in BOLD or ALL CAPS.

  • How much work experience is to be put on an experience certificate-  Here is how to write up about the work experience: 
  • For senior candidates, you can list up to 15 years of relevant work experience.
  • Put the work experience letter for teacher section in the right place.

You can write all about internships, freelancing experience and describe the relevant experience in the field for junior candidates.

For candidates with no professional experience letter for teacher talk about paid and unpaid internships, volunteering work, and describe if you are a part of any student organisation. 

  • Add just below the resume summary. A resume summary is a statement that belongs to a profession at the top of the resume. It is a summary that explains your qualifications and convinces the recruiter to read the complete overview. The resume summary is short and crisp in about 3-5 sentences. 
  • You can add the work experience section below your education section if you are a fresher or have a vast work history.

3. List your work experience in one after the other order. 

  • Always start with your most recent job. 
  • Then add the last one and then the previous to the last one.

This way, the most recent job gets more attention. 

4. Make each entry clear and readable. 

At the top of every job description, make sure to add:

  • Job title
  • Name and the location of the school
  • Dates worked.

5. For each job, use up to 5 describing bullets.

  • At each point, try to focus on achievements more than duties and responsibilities.
  • The most recent job should have more bullet points and are to be in detail. For the previous jobs, add just the duties and achievements briefly.
  • Do not write about every task and work performed.

6. Always add a key achievement as a subsection.

  • Add some essential details that you don’t want your recruiter to miss.
  • Talk about the most impressive win.

7. For each description, add a verb.

  • For each job, add the words like delivered, managed and achieved.
  • Focus on things accomplished as a teacher rather than tasks.

Enter your education– All the teaching jobs right from Kindergarten to high school require at least a bachelor’s degree. It is essential to know how to list the instructions in a resume. The basic is:

What to include in an Education Section for Teacher Resume

Here is a list of things included under the education section.

The most recent degree or the degree in the process.

  • Name of your school
  • Location of school
  • Date and the year of graduation or whenever you attended school
  • The field of study
  • GPA, if it’s above 3.5
  • Study abroad history

Tips for writing about Education in your Experience Certificate

  • Start with the highest degree in school or college.
  • And then add in reverse chronological order.
  • If you have completed a bachelor’s degree, do not add high school information.

Where should education go on an experienced teacher resume?- The education section comes after the work experience section in a resume. The work experience section is more important to the recruiter than the education section. But, in some cases, education can be more impressive than work experience. 

List the skills relevant to the school and position-  You can have child balancing skills of a day-care worker and an executive’s leadership skills. But an experienced teacher resume cannot just have any random skill. Instead, it should be particular to the teaching job to draw the reader’s attention. So here are a few tips and tricks to include a teaching skill in a resume.

  • Create a list of classroom skills. 
  • Use both the hard and soft skills as mentioned before. 
  • If you do not have 5-10 teaching skills, then include a list of your available talents.

Some of the essential skills are as follows:

  • Science(Astronomy, Biology, Geology)
  • Physical Education
  • Geometry
  • Leadership Skills
  • Preparing Lessons
  • Field trips and lectures.

Add extra sections to the experienced teacher resume.

Extra areas in the resume help the resume shine brighter and capture attention. Here are a few examples:


  • Certificates in other industries say IT or food captures attention.
  • Mention any teacher’s license or the certificates that you hold.

Volunteer Position

  • Talk about any unpaid volunteering experience for tutoring.

Hobbies and Interests

 Talk about a side hobby you possess like Painting, Reading, Marketing, Travel, Sports, etc. 

Attach an experience letter for teacher

A cover letter showcases the personality, and they are used to describe how effective the teaching style is. A few tips and tricks to write a cover letter are given below:

Write your contact information- Mention your personal information like:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • The name of the recruiter
  • Name and address of the school you are applying for.

Optionally add the following details:

  • Professional title 
  • Home address
  • Any links to the websites
  • Social media accounts:
  • Twitter
  • Linked In 
  • The city of residence
  • The experience letter for teacher should have a proper greeting- The greeting is the first thing that the recruiter sees, making it the essential part of the cover letter. 
  • Who to address the letter? – Address the recruiter by name.

Teacher resume examples:

Dear Ms Jones,

If a person hears or sees their name, the person reacts. When the recruiter sees the character, they will know that something is just for her. With the name on the letter, it feels personal and whatever is next in the letter is something the recruiter might be looking for. 

How to find the recruiter’s name?- There are multiple ways to find out the recruiter’s name. All you have to do is do some research about the manager. If you are unable to find the recruiter’s name go for ‘Dear Hiring Manager’. 

If there is no name, who to address the cover letter to?- One can always use some options given below to address their cover letter to-

  • Dear XYZ school
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Dear Hiring Manager

Always go for a 3 paragraph letter format- After completing the greetings comes the meat and potatoes. The paragraph includes- 

  • The first paragraph grabs the recruiter’s attention. 
  • The second paragraph includes what you have to offer.
  • The third paragraph proves that you are the perfect fit.

Write a catchy opening paragraph- These few introductory lines will decide if the recruiter reads the letter.  So, make sure that these lines grab the attention of the manager. 

What to write in the second paragraph-  You need to give the hiring manager the same thing she is looking for. It would help if you showed that you would satisfy the school’s critical needs. A few tips and tricks:

  • In the first sentence, write about you being an expert in teaching. 
  • The second paragraph will be about how your previous experiences will help your future employer go ahead with their plan.

Tell why you are eager to join – The third paragraph includes answers to why you want this job and not just any other job. The managers have some needs, and they will hire you if you can satisfy their needs. They will hire you if they feel that the job rewards you and continue working with them for a more extended period. Here are some tips and tricks for the third paragraph.

  • You can always start with an upcoming school project. 
  • Talk about why do you find that interesting
  • Tell them your knowledge will help you to succeed in the project.

Make your offer in the closing paragraph- Now that you have shown your relevant skills and talked about what you can do for the school, you still have an experience letter for teacher ending to write. It has to raise the general impression that you have made. Please make sure the manager gets excited as they read your cover letter.

The ending paragraph should provide value to the manager. The last section is basically to tell the manager that you look forward to meeting him and to tell him how your knowledge and experience could help him fulfil his organisational goals. Here are some of the mistakes that are not to be made in the closing:

  • Do not show the recruiter that you need a job. Do not come off as needy. Instead, talk about what you can offer. 
  • Do not repeat the phrases and the words.

Use the proper formal closing- Once you have written the body of the letter, the next step is to write the perfect legal conclusion. One can always do the signature of their full name at the end. This way, the letter looks formal. Here are some words for the cover letter closing:

  • Thank you,
  • Best regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • Kind regards,
  • Yours truly, 
  • Respectfully yours,

Some words that cannot be used as closings are :

  • Cheers,
  • Take care,
  • Affectionately,
  • XOXO,
  • Best wishes,
  • Warmest regards,

Here are some tips and tricks for the best experience letter for teacher closings:

  • Sign the letter with the full name and add basic contact information.
  • Select the appropriate formal close from some of the words given above.
  • Always end your letter enthusiastically. Show the recruiter that you are excited about the position.
  • Be short and crisp in the closing and add value. 
  • Always use ‘P.S’ to draw attention to the cover letter closing.

Add the postscript- All of the above sections must be there in the perfect cover letter. The one hack that is great and effective is to use the postscript, which is P.S. It acts as a magnet to the reader’s eyes, and it means and shows the information that you cannot miss. You can always use the postscript to tell essential details of your career even if it is not related to the job opening, and you can always tell them that you are willing to tell the reader more if they find it interesting.

Write an experienced teacher resume objective-  The recruiters spend significantly less time on each resume because they have many applicants applying for the same job. The only way to grab the recruiter’s attention is through the resume objective. The resume objective is of 3-5 sentences, only highlighting your experience and qualifications. It is the best for the teachers who have taught for more years. The resume objective goes on the top of the experienced teacher resume.

Tips and Tricks to Write the Resume Objective :

  • Describe 2-3 skills and tell what you would do for the school. 
  • Mention the position you applied for and also the name of the school.
  • Keep it short and crisp. 2-3 sentences are enough.
  • Mention the job title and all about your professional experience. 
  • Say how you can help your future employer achieve his goals.

References- This is an additional section in an experienced teacher resume. It can sometimes be possible that your recruiter might want to speak to anyone you have worked with before. It can be someone who has seen you teach like the principal of the old school or someone who is a mentor if you are a fresher. It is good to mention the references at the end of your resume. So, if the recruiter wants to speak to them, you can say their details. This way, you have chances of getting a job because it builds the trust of the employer. 


After all these steps, here is to write the experienced teacher resume in a nutshell. The steps are given below:

  • Always use a proper font. Font size, a lot of white space, headings and margin while writing a teacher’s resume.
  • Use the reverse-chronological layout, i.e. start from the recent one and then add the previous one.
  • Include the contact information on your experienced teacher resume.
  • Write all the details about your work history, experience, responsibilities. 
  • Always make sure to use action verbs at the start of any bullet point. 
  • Include all your accomplishments on your experienced teacher resume to show the recruiter that you are the right fit and how talented you are.
  • Write about your academic history. 
  • List out all the skills that you have in common with the one that the employer requires. 
  • Make your resume attractive by adding extra achievements and awards that you got as a teacher, any certificates and any of your volunteer work.
  • Add an experience letter for teacher with your resume to get that job.

Teacher Resume Samples: 

Teacher Resume format 



Teacher Resume example 


FAQ’s on Experienced Teacher Resume Example

Q1 How much work experience is to be put on an experienced teacher resume?

  • For senior candidates, you can list up to 15 years of relevant work experience.
  •  For junior candidates, you can write all about internships, freelancing experience and describe the relevant experience in the field.
  • For the entry-level candidates talk about paid and unpaid internships, freelancing work, independent projects, part-time work, temporary work etc. 
  • For candidates with no professional experience, talk about paid and unpaid internships, volunteering work, describe if you are a part of any student organisation. 

Q2 What could be the critical skills for a teacher on the experienced teacher resume?

  • Leadership
  • Respectful
  • Communication
  • Ability to teach

Q3 What are teaching skills for a teacher?

  • Have confidence
  • Organisational skills
  • Motivate the students
  • Work in group

Q4 What is the objective of the experience letter for teacher?

  • To obtain a position in a school where teachers can utilise the knowledge and push the student increases the student’s performance and gives better results.

Q5 What could be the profile summary?

It is best for teachers with experience. An experienced teacher resume defines achievements and work skills.

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