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Front End Developer Interview Questions and Answers

The job of a Front-End Developer is one which we see every day, as we all have internet access. As soon as you visit a website, the face of the website- wall-is the work of a front-end developer. A front-end developer, as said, is a person or a group of people working towards a common objective- to create an interactive webpage, which conveys all the necessary information, and the interface designed maintains its integrity throughout the web browsers. 

A job as a front-end developer requires individuals to be well versed in the field of design, technology and programming. Hence, to take a position as a front-end developer in any multinational organization, you need to have all the vital skills. Secondly, to take a position, you need to clear rounds of interviews. To clear the interview for a Web Developer, you need to get hang over various technical skills, which might also involve certain back-end questions. 

Common Front End Developer Interview Questions

Q 1) Who is a front-end developer, what does he/she do?

Answer: The job is simple, to create a website face through which the users interact. It can consist of images, animations, buttons, forms, or any sort of typography. A front-end developer must be very particular about what he does to a website, as a great inventive web page might not be easy to load for customers, due to the bandwidth required. Hence, comes the latter part, the developer should focus that the site remains browsable across the globe (target regions), and its integrity remains consistent throughout. 

Q 2) What are the skills required to perform the job as usual?

Answer: Although, the basic skills are numbered, the command over multiple languages and software makes your candidature favourable to the interviewers. But, for the sake of argument, let’s focus on the basic skills:

A) HTML– Hypertext Markup Language, a basic programming language used to build documents and web pages on a server.

B) CSS– Cascading Style Sheets, an extension of HTML, used across web designing, and is a styling language.

C) JavaScript-It is a high-level server equipped programming language and is used across the world to develop web applications.

Q 3)  Briefly describe three.js and the associated features?

Answer: This is an important interview question for front end developers. An independent open script Javascript 3D, that allows the developer to make, design interactive 3D computer graphics, compatible across web-browsers.

Q 4) Difference between WebGL and three.js?




Confluence over “immediate mode”.

Confluence over “retained mode”.

Doesn’t contain any support for text, shaders built etc.

Contains additional support for text, for picking or object hierarchy.

Helps in directly controlling the GPU. 

Built over WebGL, gives and allows to take care of things beyond mention.


Q 5) What is Coffee Script? Give a brief.

Answer: This interview question for front end developers can be answered by saying, a language built over Javascript to provide a more consistent syntax also helps to work without parentheses or curly braces.

Q 6) List the benefits of Coffee Script over JavaScript?

Answer: Provides an easy experience over JavaScript, as the code requirements are comparatively lower. Consists of a lot of lightweight add-ons, thereby making everyday tasks easier. 

Q 7) What is an Image map in HTML?

Answer: Image map allows the front-end developer to work across different web pages, by making use of a single image. 

Q 8) Provide a note on the case sensitivity of CSS?

Answer: This is a most frequently asked front end developer interview questions; it can be answered by saying; Although the presence of case sensitivity is on the lower side, still it is used across font families and URLs of images. 

Q 9) Brief about how dimension can be defined of an element?

Answer: Height, Max-Height, Max-Width, Min-Height, Min-Width, Width.

Q 10) How can backward compatibility be devised in CSS? 

Answer: HTML and CSS are integrated and are thus used correspondingly.

Q 11) In the Coffee script, how is the clone function used?

Answer: This interview question for front end developers can be answered by saying; can help in copying all the source object attributes to a new object. Clone function can be used to create the new object as the source object. 

Q 12) In Python Flask, what is the use of thread-local objects?

Answer: This is one of the most difficult interview questions for front end developers.

To remain thread-safe, the python flask uses thread-local objects on the inside that allows the operator to not have to pass by objects around from purpose to purpose. The listed tactic is useful in most cases but requires a valid request framework to use for dependency infusion or to reuse code that uses a measured value to request. 

Q13) Briefly describe browser-specific style incompatibility?

Answer: The answer to this interview question for front end developers is, “in multiple ways”, but for the sake of argument, to utilize the conditional statement in the head-tag of the HTML you are working on. By following this approach, a person can load an external datasheet and recognize the browser. 

Q14) Crisply explain AJAX?

Answer: This is a crucial interview question for front end developers; To start with, AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It helps the front-end developer transport data from a server without the need to refresh the page. The following process can help in reloading certain parts of the web page without reloading the entire page. 

To make it simple, Gmail utilizes this concept in everyday operations. A new message takes place on top of the message/mail thread- with a glowing sign of “NEW”. The complete page should not be restored. 

Q15) What can you do as a front-end developer to elevate the page performance?

Answer: This interview question for front end developers can be answered by saying; To start with a few, clean the entire HTML document from unnecessary elements. Try to substantiate HTTP requests. Try to incorporate JavaScript at the bottom of the end page. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Q16) Tell us about lazy loading?

Answer: By working on lazy loading, you can prolong or delay the initialization of an object to a point where you need it. By using lazy loading, a front end developer can enhance the user experience and the overall performance of a webpage.

Q17) Work on explaining “closure”!

Answer: This is a entry level front end developer interview question; A closure is a sequence of various functions bundled together concerning the enclosing state. By giving the developer access to an outer function’s scope from that of an inner function. The given function has admittance to variables that are not in the global range, but they individually occur in its closure.

Q18) What do you mean by Event Bubbling?

Answer: It is an event that takes place, thereby progressing to pass child nodes to parent nodes. It is used extensively to speed up the entire process, as the code only requires passing through the DOM tree.

Q19) Briefly describe block, inline, inline-block and Box Sizing?

Answer: Inline is a default element; block names go figuratively as it is a block element; Inline Block provides an in-line level block container, and Box size portrays browser sizing characteristics. 

Q20) “SOLID”, a commonly used term in designing. Explain what it means?

Answer: S- Sole responsibility, which means each class should hold only one responsibility.

O- Open and Closeness, which signifies objects or images should be open for extension but should be closed for adjustments.

L- Liskov substitution, portrays that X object should be provable by the objects present in the T-Type.

I- Interface segregation, provides that a client should never be forced to use an interface they don’t want.

D- Dependency inversion, high-level units should not be based on the modules of a low type, and vice versa.


To clear an interview of a front-end developer, you have to show skills and knowledge. The front end developer interview questions for freshers can be asked out of the given list, as the discipline is very vast in nature. Hence, your knowledge base should be regularly enhanced. By following the current trends and developments across the industry, one can really crack an interview for a front-end developer.

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