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Hot Jobs – Where to Apply to Make a Great Career

Are you looking for a new job opportunities in the Philippines and don’t know where to start? Then you have come to the right place.
Here, we have listed five hot jobs in the Philippines.

Data Analysts

With companies gathering more and more data, it’s no surprise that the demand for skilled data analysts is increasing. According to research by the World Economic Forum, data analysts will become extremely important across most every industry by 2020. Offering the possibility to distil previously unknown insights and unveil potential business value for brands, leveraging data will become a major activity for companies. Data scientists will sit at the center of that development. Find Data Analyst Jobs here.

Specialized Sales Roles

With emerging technologies disrupting entire industries, sales teams need to become more specialized, and candidates will need to possess niche tech skills and knowledge. While technology companies may be at the forefront of this development, it’s sales teams that help other industries and organizations become acquainted with automation and other processes. For example, with content being increasingly consumed on mobile, advertising and digital media businesses have a need for sales teams that have in-depth knowledge about mobile and advertising technology. Find Sales Jobshere.

Human Resources

As technology is changing the way we work, the scope of our jobs is changing as well. For human resource professionals, this means they not only need to find people with specialized skills, but they also must spearhead the reskilling of the organization’s workforce. As it’s crucial to develop the staff’s skills, HR managers are no longer simply hiring top talents, but are increasingly involved in the organization’s planning and scaling. Find HR Jobs  here.


Highly-skilled engineers continue to be in demand across a variety of industries in the Philippines, ranging from industrial and chemical engineering to construction and technological infrastructure projects. While numerous industries in the Philippines advancing due to new technologies, there is also regional demand for skilled Filipino engineers. Click here to find Engineering Jobs

Cloud architect

More and more companies are adopting a cloud computing approach and are in need of digital architects to customize, deploy and manage cloud application systems for their operations. Being a cloud architect one not only needs programing and security skills but also needs the ability to look at the bigger picture. Click here to find Architect Jobs

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