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Infosys Technical Analyst Interview : Preparation Guide

How do you calculate the probability of landing a job at Infosys? Start by preparing yourself for the interview questions technical analysts are commonly asked.

Technical Analyst is an intermediate position at Infosys between Team Lead and Senior Systems Engineer. It is the third level of promotion after Systems Engineer and Senior Systems Engineer and demands both management skills and sound technical knowledge.

Infosys technical analyst interview questions are designed to test your understanding of technical issues along with your communication skills. Candidates need to go through a technical interview and an HR interview to qualify for selection.

The job role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including participating in client calls, trying to understand client requirements, implementing solutions, suggesting work improvements, mentoring junior colleagues, offering technical assistance, and reporting of work status.

The hiring process starts with the recruiter calling you with a description of the job role and presenting a briefing about the company followed by intimation of interview details like date, time and venue.

Technical Round

The technical round could be face-to-face, telephonic or webcam depending on location and convenience. Questions are generally based on your CV and area of specialization. You can get a general idea of what to expect from the questions previous candidates have been asked while applying to this position:

1. Introduce yourself.
2. What were the challenges in your former job?
3. Describe your contribution in the former job.
4. Questions on how to lead a team and manage a project.
5. What are your expectations of the next job?
6. Difference between array list and linked list.
7. OOPs principle.
8. Project architecture and description.
9. Deep iOS questions and technologies.
10. Technical discussions on all Oracle financials modules and reports.
11. Write code to connect database and execute Stored procedure.
12. Tell us about your current project.
13. What is a WSDL?
14. What is the difference between Generalization and Abstraction?
15. Basic .NET questions.
16. Core Java and advanced Java questions.
17. Do you have any questions about the job you are interviewing for?
18. What is the most complex task you handled in your former job?

HR Round

Once you clear the technical round, you go on to an interview with the human resources department. Here you will be asked common HR questions centered around your communication skills, attitude, work ethic, judgment, leadership skills, teamwork skills etc.

This is also the time when things like salary, work location, terms of employment etc. will be discussed with you.
Here are some questions you could expect along with tips on answering them. Remember not to get flustered and be pleasant and courteous during your interaction.

Q1.Tell me about yourself.

Answering this question needs preparation and practice. Stick to your professional life, mentioning things like your education, skills, work experience, professional achievements, strengths etc. but refrain from converting it into a long recitation of your CV. Your answer here could set the tone for the rest of the interview.

Q2.Tell us one thing that makes you stand out against all other candidates.

“Why should we hire you?”, “What makes you the best candidate?”, “What makes you stand out among your peers?” and “Why are you the right fit for the position?” are some of the other variations to this question, intended draw out your unique strengths and correlate them with the job. You will need a working understanding of the job role to answer this question properly. Try and mention only those traits that are unique to you.

Q3.Describe the toughest moment in your life, and tell us how you managed it.

This question is designed to test your critical thinking, judgment, teamwork skills, and your ability to cope under pressure. Stick to a work-related example. The SOAR method (Situation, Obstacle, Action, Result) is quite effective in answering such questions by helping you present a broad overview of the problem.

Q4.Tell us about a strength that can also be your weakness.

A twist on the classic “What’s your biggest weakness”, this is a slightly tricky question that will require you to improvise. Steer clear of major flaws that may impair your chances of getting the job, and be certain to mention the actions you are taking to rectify your weakness.

Q5.What do you know about our company?

You may have a general idea about Infosys, but you need to delve deeper. Start with the company website and move on to the news (Google News is a handy option to sift through recent news items). Don’t forget to scan their various social media accounts.

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