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How to Set Smart Goals for Yourself

 How to set smart goals for yourself in 2018

Specific – Target a specific area for improvement.
Measurable – Identify indicators of success.
Attainable – Ensure goal is achievable with current resources.
Relevant – Check relevance of goal around current situation or trajectory.
Time Bound – Set a time frame around the goal.

The SMART method is still highly relevant, but what else is there that you can do to set smart career goals for yourself?

While setting a goal and striving to achieve it as intended is ideal, the circumstances can always change. Therefore, keeping your mindset open will help you to stay adaptable. If you are hitting your goals too fast, look at creating stretch goals around it. If the goal has become too hard to hit, evaluate what has caused the delay and adjust.

Hitting a large goal is an awesome feeling, but sometimes that task can be quite large, leading to burnout if it takes too long to achieve. When creating your goal, aim to create smaller sub-goals throughout your journey, so you can see a progression, and celebrate those little victories!

Career Impact
Getting a promotion or pay raise are surely exciting prospects, but they are not ideal as a goal. Think rather about the achievements that will end up getting you pay raise. Try to understand the short and long-term impacts that your goals will have on your career. For example, taking on a larger scope of work or developing new skills will pay off for your career trajectory, with pay raises and promotions becoming a natural part of that progression, rather than just your end-goal.


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