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How to Write Achievements in your CV

Writing achievements in a resume can be a hassle for the first time. Achievements are a factor in the construction of a great resume. It not just adds exquisite character to your abilities but also makes it more substantial. Simply put, achievements are the milestones that you obtain, not just the roles that you were trusted with. So, you will need to ponder upon them and take some time to list them. In addition to that, it gives an employer a unique insight into your abilities, and they can assess your performance based on your key achievement list. In this manner, you will need to be careful in selecting the roles and mentioning the things that you either constructed, carried out, achieved, or helped to attain.

Besides that, you will need to jot down your key achievements list. It’s supposed to consume time, energy, and mood. In addition to that, there’s a slight difference between the roles and achievements. The latter is your caliber in understanding and performing a job in accordance with your professional ability. This goes without saying that it will enhance your employment chance. 

You must confine a section in the CV for achievements. This will avoid any confusion that may occur from disarrangement. Organizing the section is a priority in a CV. 

Segregate roles and duties from achievements when writing key achievements list:

This is the most common mistake that happens. While writing achievements in resumes for freshers, most of the resumes tend to mix duties with achievements. Though you must mention the duties that were assigned to you, you will have to dig in deeper. In other words, it will appear elegant when your accomplishments are mentioned as well. This is where the CV takes a different turn and simply stands out. 

For instance:

Say, you were the manager of a business enterprise. You are not to mention the duties that you were assigned under the achievements in a resume. Instead, you will need to list how you being part of the organization helped it to boost the business. 

  1. Say, the membership increased. 
  2. Or, the sales doubled up. 
  3. The company made more profit. 

This is what the employer will be looking for. So, when you write the achievements in a resume, you will need to be precise with your details. It will certainly add a character to your CV. 

How to List Achievements in  a resume ?

Achievement in resume for fresher isn’t complex to list. However, you will need to be careful with the listing, as you may leave out the crucial details. In case, you don’t have work experience, you can add other kinds of experiences as well. In a nutshell, you will need to fill this section with the utmost care and thought. In addition to that, ensure that you furnish the details that aren’t redundant with your job roles. 

It’s equally important to mention that your employer will not be looking to see the duties in the achievement. This is already carried in the job profile. Add the achievement, and the employer will know how you will assess the different situations, perform your job, and promote the business. 

These include:

  1. Your performance in sales and the revenue of the company during your time. 
  2. The increase in sales and goodwill that you helped achieve. 
  3. Time, money, and benefits. 
  4. If you initiated a project or a new approach to the business. 
  5. The award, promotions, training, and certificate courses. 
  6. Publications on the said issue or any reports. 
  7. Media coverage or goodwill boost. 

Depending on your profession, you will need to list the number of achievements in a very plain sailing manner. Be brief, and keep it short. 

Mark among the key achievements list:

There’s always an achievement that stands out from the rest. This can add a new interpretation to your professional outlook. Mention the projects that made you proud, and boosted your experience in the field. For instance, try to understand how your involvement in a certain project helped in the overall attainment. Mention what you did to make that change, and how much did you contribute. 

Which achievements should you avoid?

While writing achievements in a resume, the thoughts can get precarious. Some roles can seem achievements. So, you need to know which ones to avoid to make the section as professional as possible. Any information or achievement that is too vague should be avoided. While writing achievements in a resume, ask yourself; is it relevant to the role you are applying for? In the end, your achievements should be appealing to the duties that you will be assigned. So, be brief, and explain every role that you had. In addition to that, try to prefer writing the contribution that you had in the company than to mention the promotions that you received. 

  • Make sure to add the time, scale, and results as well. This will provide insights into the achievement. 

In addition to that, the achievements that don’t add to your professional experience should be avoided or used in the other section. Ensure the professional decorum of the CV, and follow everything aptly. 

Precisely explain in detail when writing key achievements list:

A CV is a representation of your professional experience. Don’t use long sentences as well as vague ones. Be brief, and explain every duty that you were assigned. This will include the actions you took, the duties you were assigned, and the results you gained. You may need to take some time to articulate it into the style that fits well. 

In addition to that, you can add a few questions to make the achievements in a resume more explanatory. However, this addition has to be in sync with the professional experience, and duties that you had. 

  • It entails that they further provide crucial information about work and professional abilities. 

This can include:

  • Whether you had created or started anything. 
  • Have I started a project?
  • Propagated an idea in the business?
  • Has my contribution to a particular project led to more radical improvements?
  • Have I increased sales, transformed the approach of the business, or the revenue?
  • Received recognition, award, or saved time as well as money from the company?


Writing achievements in a resume for freshers is an easy task as long as you can keep it organized. You need to separate your duties from the achievements in a resume, and be briefer with your accomplishments in the company. Ensure that every detail that you mention is relevant to the role that you’re applying for. 

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