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What does an HR Assistant do?

Human Resource assistant is a very responsible yet very demanded role in every organization. It comes under one of the most crucial job roles in a company. Without HR personnel, the company will not be able to manage its Human Resources. HR is a person who is designated to handle all the duties related to daily administration.  

Now HR assistant is a role that comes under the position of an HR manager. HR assistant job is to assist the HR managers with recruitment, screening, and other processes. Also, they work along with the manager to solve the grievances of the employees. After working as an HR assistant for a few years, one can get promoted to the role of an HR manager. However, the HR assistant job is a challenging yet learning role. It is the first step in a long career in Human Resources. 

What is an HR?

HR stands for Human Resource. As the name suggests, they are responsible for choosing the right human personnel for their betterment. HR looks for the right people in the company with a good amount of dedication and commitment. The HR assistant should have a good eye to find such candidates. HR assistant provides many support activities to have smooth hiring and personnel management for the company.

What does an HR Assistant do?

HR assistant has several things to perform regularly. They include:

  • Assisting the HR Manager with day-to-day activities related to calling the candidates, screening the resumes, managing time for the interviews, managing the employees, and many more.
  • They also provide support for the clerical work to the Human Resource Executives.
  • Maintaining and updating the employee records.
  • Manage the stuff related to the employees’ payroll and monitor the sick leaves and casual leaves taken by the employees.
  • Identifying the Human resource needs of the company and uploading the requirement of the internet.

HR Assistant job duties include:

HR Assistant job have many duties to fulfil regularly. However, since assistant is an HR entry-level job, the work that needs to be done is more of support work.

The duties of an HR assistant job are:

  • The main work is to provide support to the HR manager whom they work under.
  • They need to provide support to the internal and external queries and issues related to the organization.
  • Maintain a proper record of employees on paper as well as digitally.
  • To keep track of the employee leaves and determine the payrolls accordingly.
  • Help the manager identify the organization’s human resource needs, followed by identifying candidates and going further with the recruitment process, which includes calling the candidates, screening their resumes, identifying if they are a proper fit for the role, etc.

Job brief for HR assistant:

The Job Brief for the HR assistant job is given below:

We are on the hunt for dedicated candidates willing to work as assistant HR in our company. The job profile needs candidates who can multi-task and manage their time according to work assigned.

Responsibilities of HR assistant:

  • HR Assistant responsibilities are assisting in the day-to-day HR management functions.
  • Provide all kinds of clerical and administrative support to the HR Manager.
  • Maintain the hard copy and soft copy of the employees’ records.
  • Maintain records related to different activities like staffing, recruitment, orientation, training, surveys, and many more.
  • Listen carefully to the employee grievances and requests and try to come up with a solution to solve them all.
  • Coordinate with the candidates and schedule interviews for them.
  • Help the accounts department finalize the payroll, keeping in mind the leaves, absences, bonus, incentives, etc.
  • Assist in logistics, administration, and scheduling of the employee surveys.
  • Answering phone calls and responding to emails and messages is also an essential part of HR Responsibilities.
  • Assist in carrying out induction/ orientation, training, surveys of the employees whenever required.
  • To ensure the working environment is playful, joyous, and safe for all genders.
  • To help the employees have a good work-life balance by taking care of their leaves and absences.
  • Assist in maintaining employee and workplace privacy.
  • Carry out performance and wage reviews regularly.

Requirements of HR assistant:

The minimum requirements for the HR assistant job are given below:

  • The HR Assistant must have proven experience working as an HR Assistant, Staff Assistant, or any related HR or administrative position in a reputed company.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and a good typing speed.
  • Basic knowledge of labour laws and POSH.
  • Good with organizational skills.
  • Proficient in giving PowerPoint presentations.
  • Have strong written and verbal communication in English.
  • Must be good in situation handling.
  • Degree in Human Resources field or any other related field.

The average salary for an HR assistant

Depending upon the country, the salary for the HR assistant job varies.

The average salary for an HR assistant in India is around Rs. 30,000.

There are several other factors that determine the salary of HR personnel. They are:

  • The city in which the company is offering the job position.
  • The ability of the company to pay their employees.
  • Size of the company. Whether the company is small scale, mid-scale or large scale.
  • The experience and skills that the employee possesses.
  • The number of tasks the job role comes with.
  • The industry or the products in which the company deals.
  • The performance of the employee. There is a good hike offered to those who perform well in an organization.

Key Skills

HR assistant job requires the following skills:

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks at a given point in time.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Situation handling
  • Good with numbers
  • Eye for detail
  • Presentation skills
  • Proficiency in using Excel, PowerPoint, and word.
  • Excellent decision-making skills
  • Management skills
  • Should be able to manage work and time properly.
  • Should be able to work in harmony with the other departments.

Why pursue a career in Human Resources?

Human Resources is one such department in every organization which will never have a lack of opportunities. We all know that to have good productive teams, a Human Resource team in every company is a mandatory requirement. A company cannot function without HR. Hence, to have many options in the career, even when switching from one company to another, Human Resource is a department that will have endless opportunities for you to excel in. Moreover, if you are a people person and have a good eye for understanding people’s capabilities and strengths, you will enjoy the HR Assistant job.

How to Become a Human Resource assistant?

To start with, after completing 12th in any stream, one can opt for Human Resource or any other related degree as further studies. HR Assistant job requirement includes having a Bachelor’s degree mandatorily. Also, after pursuing this degree, you will have to be experienced for at least four years to be placed in a good and reputed firm. While giving an interview for the HR Assistant job, expect more situational questions as a huge part of this job requires you to think in a rational manner and act accordingly.

Lastly, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be Human Resource personnel, and they are responsible for the people that work in the company. It is a role of dedication and commitment.

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