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HR Recruiter Job Duties and Responsibilities

What Is an HR Recruiter?

An HR Recruiter job or a Human Resource Recruiter job is acquired by someone who plays a major role in the HR department. The individual is trusted to find various candidates on behalf of the company who are suitable to do the job that they are hired for. It is their responsibility to find candidates who can do their job very efficiently.

What does a HR Recruiter do?

With the responsibility of an HR Recruiter job, the person holding the position has a lot of responsibilities. They not only have to recruit people for the job, but also have to check their background. It is also upon them to go forth and look into the various abilities of the candidates so as to have them work for the organizations in the most efficient as well as effective of ways. 

They are also the ones who have to update job ads from time to time in order to get in touch with interested people for the job. For the job of HR Recruiter, it is important that they know how to conduct various sorts and formats of interviews which they will need to do every once in a while. 

HR Recruiter  job duties include:

  • Checking out resumes of the candidates for several positions
  • Conducting interviews with potential candidates, whether in person or on call
  • Performing background checks along with reference checks
  • Helping company managers by making numerous recommendations
  • Conducting assessments of the candidates on behalf of the company   
  • Partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs

Job brief for HR Recruiter

An organization benefits a lot when they hire someone for the HR Recruiter Job. While looking into hiring a candidate for a job, it becomes especially important for the organization to hire a person who can identify the best candidates and recruit them after much formal processings. 

For such a purpose, it is crucial for any company to have an individual in the HR Recruiter role who can do their best in getting potential candidates for them. They need to be able to have full control over the management of the whole recruiting process starting from an interview to the evaluation of the candidate. 

They also need to possess several qualities and skills that include conducting background checks, phone screenings, etc. in order to hire new people. 

Responsibilities for an HR Recruiter Job

Here are the responsibilities of HR Recruiters that an organization expects:

  • Individuals with HR Recruiter job are the ones who have to keep the job descriptions up to date and even design them from time to time
  • Getting or sourcing potential candidates for various roles in the organization via numerous platforms, online or offline
  • They are the ones who have to ensure via background checks if they are hiring the right candidates
  • HR Recruiter skills also come in handy when one has to prepare assignments and distribute them
  • They have to provide the list of potential candidates to the hiring managers
  • They are a great help for newly hired employees and help them with a smooth transition
  • Curating mails for the purpose of recruiting candidates in order to attract them, especially the ones who are passive. 

Requirements for HR Recruiter Job

There are a few Requirements for HR Recruiter Job that a candidate must fulfill most of:

  • One is, by many companies, required to have had an experience in the HR Recruiter job or similar role
  • They must be familiar with the tracking systems for applicants as well as the resume database
  • They must have a good understanding of referral programs
  • They should be well experienced with various sourcing techniques
  • The HR Recruiter skills must include those of good communication, verbal as well as written
  • They must be of the perception of sound judgement
  • Individuals for an HR Recruiter job are required to have a BSc degree in Human Resources Management, or Organizational Psychology or any other relevant field

Average Salary for HR Recruiter  (City Based Tables)

CityMinimum SalaryMaximum SalaryAverage Annual Salary
Mumbai₹ 1 LPA₹ 4.5 LPA₹ 2.1 LPA
New Delhi₹ 1.2 LPA₹ 5 LPA₹ 2.4 LPA
Bangalore₹ 1.2 LPA₹ 5.3 LPA₹ 2.8 LPA
Pune₹ 1 LPA₹ 5.5 LPA₹ 2.2 LPA
Chandigarh₹ 0.6LPA₹ 4.6 LPA₹ 2.2 LPA

The above table shows the valid salary for HR Recruiter in different cities. However, one may find that these vary in a major way when one tries for an HR Recruiter job in other cities.

Key Skills Of A HR Recruiter

There are a few skills for HR Recruiter job that are highly expected of an individual hired for such a role:

  • They must be great at communication, and must possess skills for both verbal and written communication
  • They should be detail-oriented when it comes to taking interviews 
  • The HR Recruiter must be willing to travel in order to hire people from different places, based on the size of the organization
  • They should posses great organization skills which require them to do lots of paperwork
  • As the representatives of a company, they must be outgoing and make the potential candidates feel welcome and comfortable
  • They must be well versed be basic technologies to hold meetings
  • They must have strong decision making skills that can help the whole organization in a good way
  • They should be able to work on multiple tasks at a time

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Why pursue a career in HR Recruiter?

No matter the organization, an HR Recruiter job is one that is of utmost importance. When it comes to having a career in such a field, one may find a lot of opportunities. With the expansion as well as rise of many businesses out there, interested individuals can find a great number of openings in this position. 

While the responsibilities of HR Recruiter do include having to hire the right people for the right job, they are really the source of growth for a company. It is because of them, that an organization can find good results, and those too in the upwards direction. The job is also great in terms of the package that one gets once they have the necessary skills. 

How to become a HR Recruiter?

An HR recruiter plays a big role for an organization. In order to land an HR Recruiter job, it is important that one gains the necessary skills required for the role. They are, obviously, required to get a Bachelor’s degree first. However, it is with their many skills that they can boost the functioning of the whole organization. 

They may also go for a degree in a relevant field. They should also consider or actually do get proper training from a reputed company as an internship. This way, they can gain experience as well as get knowledge within the practical field. They will also learn a few soft skills that can help them go further in their job. 

It is also a great idea to learn not just the skills that are required on the job. One must also learn several managerial skills and organization skills that come in handy for them to do their job.

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