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IT Jobs: Do you have what it takes to be an IT professional?

IT jobs

Mulling over career choices and wondering if Information Techonology is still an ‘it’ profession? According to the Monster Employment Index, IT continues to reign over the job market even today. Based on analysis of online job postings, the MEI reveals IT hardware and software is the fastest growing sector in India. Registering a 76% increase in March 2016, IT has a sizeable lead over other sectors that have, on average, lodged 45% growth.

While tech companies may be big on hiring, getting the right IT job can prove challenging. Some companies want candidates with prior tech experience, others are looking for people who are a good cultural fit. Soft skills, such as an employee’s ability to communicate effectively, negotiate conflict and work well in teams, are also crucial, especially if you are applying for a senior position.

So before throwing your hat in the ring, ask yourself whether you possess the skills required for an IT professional job and steal a march over your competitors.

Problem solving

It’s an indispensable skill for any IT engineer. The need for creating any software, for instance, is generally framed as a problem and it is the developer’s job to come up with a solution to the problem. Every software developer is, therefore, essentially a problem solver when s/he sits down to write code.

Since the skill isn’t taught in schools, the only way to learn it is by observation and self study. Software engineers in particular must be able to learn on the job, partly because of the speed at which the field is advancing, and partly because of the innovative nature of their profession.

Decision making

An IT professional is called upon to make critical decisions every day. The ability to think each action through, analyze every alternative, weigh every action in the light of its consequences and choose the correct one is a skill every good IT professional must possess.

Analytical skills

IT engineers research, test, design and install various components/programmes related to computers, making good analytical skills a fundamental requirement for a successful career in the profession. Sound analytical skills enable engineers to understand the mechanics of a system, pinpoint problems and make modifications to address them.

Logic and common sense

“Common sense is not so common,” French writer Voltaire is supposed to have said, and with good reason. Logic and common sense are the twin pillars on which information technology is based and a sound sense of both will give employees a massive leg up.


Most IT jobs are project related, so employees are expected to have good team management skills. Being detail-oriented and forward-thinking is considered an asset. The ability to plan and prioritize resources is crucial, especially among senior employees, for projects to progress smoothly.


Most of the real IT learning happens on the job. That’s why companies value professionals who have the ability to work along with others and provide mentoring and support.

Client interactions are also important in this profession. Employers are looking for candidates who can articulate complex technical concepts and strategies into language that is easy for an average businessperson to understand. The ability to manage multiple vendors and negotiate contracts is also given weight.

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