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It’s all about money & opportunities to learn: Monster Poll

In a recent poll by MonsterIndia, around 36% of the respondents believe that ‘pay-hike’ is what they feel most deprived of in their current job. This probably makes the salary hike as an important factor among others when it comes to job satisfaction.

However, not all job seekers consider lack of ‘pay-hike’ to be the most important aspect in their current job, which they are deprived of. About 24% respondents felt there is no ‘opportunity to learn new things’ in their current work. This provides an important insight to employers and managers, who consistently need to look at ways and means to provide new learning opportunities for their staff. The case for providing an environment and opportunities to learn and improve is further strengthened with the fact that 17% of the respondents felt that the ‘opportunity to improve skill set’ is missing at their current job.

Interestingly, if we combine the two, the percentage of respondents who want to learn new things and improve their skill set goes to 41%. This is more than the number of respondents who voted ‘pay-hike’ as the major factor they are deprived of in their current job. The message for employers is loud and clear. They need to focus on these two areas to engage and retain talent in their organizations even more than the ‘people policies’.

Surprisingly only 11% voted ‘promotion’ and 12% voted ‘relationship with the manager/employer’ – the other two options provided to job seekers in the poll question.

We asked:

At your current or most recent job, which of the following do you feel most deprived of? 

– Promotion
– Pay-hike
– Opportunity to learn new things
– Opportunity to improve skill set
– Relationship with the manager/employer

Voice your opinion, click here to take part in our poll.

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