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Job brief for maintenance mechanic job

A maintenance mechanic job is to oversee repairs and maintenance of a company’s equipment.

Maintenance mechanics must be familiar with all aspects of the machinery and equipment they work on, including their design, function, and application.

A mechanic’s profession entails a lot of maintenance. They make frequent repairs and modifications to keep machinery or building systems operating at their best. Mechanics can also fix machinery that has been damaged by accidents or misuse, and they can often restore them to its original state.

Maintenance mechanic jobs may involve a lot of physical labor, such as lifting heavy parts or getting into tight spaces to make repairs.

What is a maintenance mechanic job?

The maintenance mechanic job specializes in the upkeep and repair of industrial equipment. The role is typically reserved for those with a passion for motors, technology, and finely-tuned machinery.

The maintenance mechanic ensures that their employer’s equipment is in good operating condition and performing properly. They recognize possible issues before they occur and take action to avoid failure.

The Maintenance mechanic job description for those that work on locomotives, cars and other transportation.

What does a maintenance mechanic do?

Maintenance mechanics work in an industry that relies heavily on machines and fixes everything from tractors to jet aircraft. This is a challenging career field, but if you’re looking for an exciting new gig, the maintenance mechanic job description might be what you need!

A maintenance mechanic responsibilities may include performing routine checks, repairs, and other general maintenance on machines, equipment, and mechanical systems. Most mechanic work is performed on-site for automobile companies or other large companies with complex mechanical equipment. Maintenance mechanics should also analyze failures or malfunctions within the system or machine to make necessary repairs. If there is a need for clearance of any kind, they will be responsible for obtaining any required documentation. Other maintenance mechanic responsibilities include:

  • Perform tests and inspections.
  • Analyze parts to determine their condition and cost of repair.
  • Inspect mechanical systems and equipment.
  • Reconnect gas lines.
  • Replace parts based on the difficulty of repair, weight of items, or customer requests.
  • Disassemble machines for repair purposes when necessary, such as engines or hydraulic pumps.

Maintenance mechanic job duties include :

“Maintenance mechanic job employees keep the company’s fleet of vehicles running smoothly. They work at gas stations, truckstops, or car dealerships, and are usually employees of a specific company. Duties include inspecting vehicles for needed repairs, repairing engines and brakes, checking fluid levels and tire pressure.”

This is a list of things that maintenance mechanics do to keep working on cars. They often depend on the location they are working in whether or not they can service their cars or work on customers’ cars. Working with cars requires mechanical knowledge, the ability to work with tools, and patience.

Job brief for maintenance mechanic job

Although the work may require you to maintain and repair commercial and industrial equipment, the ultimate goal of the position is to coordinate maintenance activities carried out by service managers or staff who demand increased efficiency. Therefore, engineers, designers, implementers, and maintainers of work equipment are needed for this employment.

Maintenance mechanics often work in garages or auto shops or maybe even at a big-box retailer. For example, most vehicle dealerships hire mechanics to work either in the showroom or as body technicians to maintain cars before they’re sold. They can also be hired as garage mechanics for car dealerships, service stations and factories that manufacture vehicles such as those that produce cars, trucks, aeroplanes or computers.​

Responsibilities of maintenance mechanic job

Mechanics are responsible for maintaining the machine’s functionality by inspecting it regularly and swiftly identifying any problems. In addition, they maintain efficiency by adjusting machine settings to work efficiently every day, which includes carefully caring for vehicle parts to minimize costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, mechanics must be prepared for crises at all times, as correcting an unexpected breakdown will force them to relocate swiftly in order to avoid further damage to their vehicle.

Mechanics consider the environment they are working in, which is why they use protective gear like boots, gloves, hardhats, jackets and coveralls while working in places like hot garages to avoid burns. They also ensure that sanitary conditions are maintained; it is important to keep tools clean, so employees do not get injured.

Requirements for maintenance mechanic job

1. Some basic mechanical maintenance training or education, including part identification and installation.

2. Previous automotive shop experience (equivalent to 2-4 years)

3. A minimum of two years of experience working on vehicles for a customer base with no safety violations or service issues.

4. Successful completion of all training courses, including safety awareness, employee safety management system (ESMS), shop safety policy schedule (SSP), pre-employment physical examination (PE) report, random drug testing programme (RDT), company drug/alcohol abuse prevention plan; comprehensive handbook; company documentation policies; and personal property insurance card.

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Average maintenance mechanic salary : 

CityAverage Salary per month
Delhi₹ 22804
Mumbai₹ 19569
Chennai₹ 14039
Kolkata₹ 39106
Ahmedabad₹ 27079

Key skills

As a mechanic, you need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of car maintenance. There are certain skills that an employer will expect to see on your resume for this job.

  • ASE certification or equivalent.
  • Vehicle inspection skills. 
  • Engine performance diagnosis and repair. 
  • Vehicle diagnostics and electrical systems diagnostics. 
  • Knowledge of safety regulations, environmental regulations, and equipment safety standards. 
  • Equipment maintenance skills for various vehicle types, including hydraulic lifts, engine lifts, brake, brakes presses and hoists with a capacity greater than 15 tons. 
  • Basic computer literacy in word processing software programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets, used to enter data into databases for processing by more complex information management software programs such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database systems.
  • License or certification in a relevant field if required by the employer. 
  • – Physical stamina, since a maintenance mechanic works outdoors and may have to stand throughout an 8-hour shift. 
  • Ability to follow directions and read technical literature. 
  • Good interpersonal skills since you’ll work with other mechanics and customer service representatives in the course of your duties. 

As a mechanic, you will need to be well organized and detail-oriented regarding paperwork such as invoices and receipts. Your recordkeeping will be evaluated periodically when you receive your annual evaluation or during performance reviews.

Why pursue a career as a maintenance mechanic job?

Maintenance mechanic jobs pay well and give you a lot of flexibility in your daily routine. There is a lot of variation when it comes to the various maintenance mechanic jobs. Others work on autos while you work on massive industrial equipment or machines. The great thing about working as a maintenance technician is that you will never get bored because the work is continuously changing. Because new vehicles are produced on a regular basis, the demand for maintenance mechanics is continually increasing. New vehicles are being developed for companies, while others are being developed for the home market.

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How to get a maintenance mechanic job?

Before you can get a job as a mechanic, you need to have some basic skills and understand the duties involved.

You will need an apprenticeship of around four or more years. You may also be able to take a course at your local community college. Joining the army or the air force is another option for becoming a mechanic. The military will train you in all elements of being a mechanic. Once your training is completed, you will have received enough training to begin an extraordinarily high-paying career!

The alternative option is to start as an apprentice and work in a mechanic’s shop under their supervision. This will teach you all you need to know about a maintenance mechanic job.

With some experience, many of the jobs listed below are possible:

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