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Make Your Vacation Spot Your Home

Have you ever returned from a vacation and daydreamed about packing up everything you own and hopping the first plane back? Has another city or state you visited made you feel more at home than your current residence? For many, these feelings remain pipe dreams, but some have made them reality.

How can you make your vacation spot your home? What do you need to consider before handing in that resignation letter?

Factors to Consider

Thinking of repacking your bags and returning to the place your heart calls home? Here’s what you need to think about:

  • Job and Salary: Can you find work in this new place fairly easily? And would you be able to earn enough to survive?
  • Comfort with the Culture: This is an issue whether you’re moving across the country or across the Atlantic. Many say they felt an immediate comfort in the place they now consider home. But first you need to get through the honeymoon period.
  • Values: How similar are your political and social values to those in this new place?
  • Lifestyle: Some people would choose to make their vacation spot their home indefinitely. You need to determine what works for you.


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