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What does a Marketing intern do?

The job description for a marketing intern job is a crucial part of hiring suitable market interns for the company. Many people look for the market intern job, and with a good job description, an employer can filter out suitable and most qualified candidates for the job. The job description typically includes the roles and responsibilities of the candidate for the post. It also includes the salary for the post, which usually differs from one company to another and from one employer to another. Some posts are unpaid in some companies. These are also to be mentioned in the job description. The educational and the additional requirements for the job are also included in the description. 

What is a Marketing intern?

A marketing intern is a person that is responsible for assisting the marketing manager and overseeing the management of marketing operations duty under their supervision. The interns are expected to collaborate with the marketing and advertising teams and help them develop, maintain, and expand their marketing channels. These marketing operations duty are to be performed by the intern at all stages of the whole marketing process. The marketing intern job requires the candidate to prepare proposals, research different and effective marketing strategies and needs as well as host events. The marketing interns are required to do a lot of hard work and help the companies with their marketing strategies.

What does a Marketing intern do?

A marketing intern is responsible for assisting their marketing managers in all the administrative work relating to designing and implementing marketing strategies. The job of market interns is to work well with the advertising team and the marketing team towards expanding, developing, and maintaining the company’s marketing channels. 

Marketing intern job duties include:

The internship for a marketing job helps the candidates acquire the necessary marketing skills and provide the individuals with knowledge of different marketing strategies.  The marketing intern job description for the marketing intern should include all the duties and responsibilities to be performed. The duties of managing intern include:

  • Helping in the distribution and marketing of materials
  • Managing and updating the database of the company
  • Managing customer relationship management system
  • Working with the event marketing team to organize events
  • Perform market analysis
  • Supporting the marketing team and the analysis team in the administrative work
  • Help in the creation of content and social media analysis

Marketing intern job brief

Marketing intern is an individual that assists a professional marketing manager and works under their supervision. The job of a marketing intern is to assist the manager in the day-to-day administrative work. They are required to look after all the marketing operations and manage the customer relationships.

Responsibilities of Marketing intern:

According to the manager under whose supervision they are working, there are some specific responsibilities of a marketing intern that the candidate has to fulfill. There are also some general responsibilities of the marketing interns. These responsibilities of the marketing interns are as follows:

  • Distribution of the marketing materials
  • Organizing the marketing events
  • Assisting the marketing manager in the promotional activities
  • Researching and evaluating the competitor marketing and social media content creator and digital creator by a marketing intern for social media
  • Monitoring of all the social media platforms for news, ideas, and feedback

Requirements for marketing intern:

The requirements for becoming a marketing intern differ from employer to employer. There are some specific requirements asked by the marketing managers and some requirements are general for the job. These requirements for a marketing intern job  are as follows:

  • Enrolled or completed a bachelor’s degree in marketing, mass communication, journalism or a relevant field
  • Knowledge of marketing software and tools
  • Good marketing skills
  • Good verbal and communicating skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Analytical mind and problem-solving attitude
  • Passionate to learn new things
  • Knowledge of MS Office and design software
  • Knowledge of content management system
  • Good time management skills
  • Good organization skills

Average salary for a Marketing intern:

Since this is an internship, some companies might offer it on a paid basis, while others may offer it unpaid. Few employers would provide the vacancy for an intern to work under a marketing manager and help them gain experience and give them certificates. At the same time, some may pay them for the work they do under the supervision of the marketing managers. Different companies offer different pay scales to their interns. The average salary that the interns might get is around Rs. 12000. This is the average base pay offered by the companies to the interns. Some companies might offer higher amounts based on the experience the interns might have in the relevant field. The interns with more experience in marketing strategies and marketing operations might get higher average salaries.

Key skills:

Marketing intern job candidates  are required to possess the following skills in order to do well in their field:

  • Should be proficient in communication and must possess good verbal skills
  • Should have the ability to translate complex research 
  • Must possess good knowledge of marketing skills
  • Should know how to multitask
  • Should work according to the schedule 
  • Should be able to take initiative
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Should be hard working and passionate
  • Should be familiar with social media strategies and social media platforms

Why pursue a career in Marketing?

The marketing area provides the individual with the abilities like creativity, good communication skills, and good analytical and administrative abilities. This post offers the candidate a wide range of roles to choose from. It is a highly competitive and rewarding job for many people. All businesses across the world rely on the marketing of their companies and their services and products. Therefore, this field is perfect for individuals who are problem solvers and strategic and creative people. In addition, the field of marketing offers high pay. Though the pay in the internship might pay less or nothing at all, after gaining some experience in the field, an individual can do well in this area and get high-paying jobs. 

How to become a Marketing intern?:

To become a marketing intern the individual must fulfill certain requirements and follow steps which include:

  • Getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing, mass communication, journalism, or a relevant field
  • The individual must complete the required marketing coursework.
  • The candidate must also apply to different companies for the post of a marketing intern.
  • Candidates can also take up different certification courses for marketing.
  • There are various training programs for the relevant field that the individual can take to gain experience and knowledge.


The area of marketing is a highly paid and highly demanding field in the current scenario. The interns in this field learn a lot. The marketing intern job must include all the requirements of the post and the duties of the interns that they need to perform. They must be made aware of the salary they will be provided, if any. The job brief for the marketing intern should be very clear and precise so that it attracts suitable and potential candidates for the post. This job offers a lot to the individual and is a highly sought job by the individuals. This should be kept in mind when giving out the job description.

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