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Procurement Manager Job Description

The Procurement Manager’s job involves sourcing products and services while ensuring optimized quality and costs for the organization. A procurement manager is also referred to as a Purchasing Manager. A procurement manager manages a team of procurement agents. He monitors the purchases of the company and places orders for future requirements.

The procurement manager’s relevance varies according to the company’s size, and the procurement manager’s salaries differ with the work as well as the location of the company. 

What is a Procurement Manager?

A person who has leadership as well as commercial skills knows how to maintain mutually beneficial relationships is someone eligible for this post. He is responsible for securing eligible services and products suitable for the company’s requirements. The procurement manager’s job involves working closely with the company’s operational, legal, and financial departments. 

For large businesses, a team of procurement agents and experts is needed to handle the purchases. The report of which is sent to a chief procurement officer (CPO). However, small companies usually have a single manager who works as a huge network in oneself. This officer is the one who reports his decisions to the chief operations officer (COO) or chief finance officer (CFO).

What does a Procurement Manager do?

The procurement manager’s relevance is to draw a line between quality and cost-effectiveness. He ensures that all the purchase requirements of the organization are met. The company relies on the procurement manager’s judgement related to suppliers, cost, and quality.

Purchasing Manager may review the past purchases of the organization to make strategic decisions. He has to consider the compliance and effectiveness of the vendors before ordering the goods from them.

Procurement Manager job duties include: 

The duties related to the Procurement Manager’s job include:

  • Solution and research about the services and products that are added to the purchasing list.
  • Creation and implementation of cost-effective and innovative schemes that will invest in the company’s growth.
  • Compare prices and features of the proposals of products before purchasing.
  • Communicate with the vendors for product assurance and timely arrival so that the company faces no loss.
  • Build and maintain good long-term relations with the main provisioner.
  • Track shipments and material supply with the best technical knowledge he contains.
  • Do regular daily, weekly, and monthly procurement reports.

Job brief of Procurement Manager:

Purchasing officers guarantee the merchandise. It is the procurement manager’s job to assist the company in maintaining regulations and cost potency. The manager ensures that the requirements of the customers are met. He also makes sure that the purchases contribute to the development of the enterprise. Finding something that is both cost-effective and has good quality is in hands. The procurement officer tracks orders and maintains strong relations with all the suppliers for better negotiation of products. 

Responsibilities of Procurement Manager:

The Procurement Manager job involves many responsibilities. Some of them are:

  • Make sure to adhere to all the regulations and safety rules that are provided by the enterprise.
  • Be up-to-date with all the new trends and changes in the market to ensure the company doesn’t fall behind.
  • The manager should be capable of checking the agreement blueprint before taking any step on behalf of the organization.
  • Be able to negotiate cost-effectiveness with the suppliers.
  • Data analysis and the capacity to comply with the management risks taken in the company.
  • The optimization of the purchasing process prevails in his control.
  • Note the buyer experience and add on diversity as well as sustainability in the company’s legacy.

Requirements for Procurement Manager:

The following are the requirements for the Procurement Manager job:

  • MA in Business Administration, Logistics, supply chain management, purchasing, or a similar degree as those stated.
  • Leadership skills and interpersonal skills to manage relevant things.
  • Great skills in analyzing data and in-depth knowledge of invoicing and contracts are signed.
  • Some companies also acknowledge or require previous working experience for a particular period.
  • Strategic sourcing and great knowledge of product quality as well as supplier selection.

Average Salary for Procurement Manager (City Based Table):

City Average Salary provided
Mumbai₹14,93,880 per year
New Delhi₹14,92,439 per year
Bangaluru₹12,34,165 per year
Chennai₹10,46,800 per year
Chandigarh₹2,90644 per year

Key Skills:

A procurement manager must possess the following skills:

  • Time management skills and organization of multiple tasks.
  • Excellent technical and customer services abilities.
  • Brilliant negotiation skills.
  • Superb communication skills it is the key to building strong relations.
  • A strong analytic mindset to tackle problems.
  • Risk management and innovative amplitude.

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Why pursue a career as a Procurement Manager?

The Procurement Manager job is among one of the fastest-growing careers globally. The average salary of a procurement manager is higher than many other positions at this level. Moreover, the exposure provided in this job is huge. As a result, there is a job requirement for a procurement manager in every enterprise. 

This career provides many challenging projects, which may include marketing strategies, cost-saving designing, market research, and effective supply chain functionalities. The promotions are also faster in this department of an organization.

How to become a Procurement Manager?

This career usually has people from different professional backgrounds, which may include engineering, logistics, economics, and finance. With all the information given above, it might be clear whether you wish to be a Procurement Manager. So, let’s find out the steps you can follow to reach a post as such: 

Obtain a Bachelor’s degree: 

The Procurement Manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree as a requirement.

The bachelor’s degrees can be in economics, logistics, business, purchasing, or supply chain management. You can also pursue any of these specialized courses: BTEC, NVQ certification, HND, HNC, or CIPS qualification.

Work your way to the correct path: 

While considering your application, the employers will for sure consider your prior work experience. You can get a higher salary than the average salary if you have prior work experience.

You can gain experience when you work in lower level or junior posts, such as a buyer or procurement officer.

Find a mentor: 

Learning from someone who can guide you and holds experience is the best way to move up the career path. So, if you wish to be in this position, then it is great if you find someone who is in a more senior position and is willing to train you. 

Get testimonials: 

Testimonials such as Certified Supply Chain Professional qualifications and Certified Purchasing Professional qualifications are a few certifications that are available in the field of procurement. They increase your chances of a getting a Procurement Manager job in a good organization.

Attend industrial workshops: 

It is important to be up-to-date with the new market trends if you want to advance in your career. Keeping an eye on the market trends, attending market shows, meetings, and conferences will not only broaden your horizon of information but will also help you build professional connections.
The Procurement Manager job is highly rewarding and satisfying. If you have interest in marketing strategies and building relationships, you can surely consider this job for your career. However, you must possess communication skills, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

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