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Tips to Write an Accountant Resume (and a Free Sample)

So, you always loved playing with numbers and decided to make a career out of it – as an accountant. Whether you are just starting out or are looking for a change, you need a good accountant resume to begin with.

Here we share with you tips to write an awesome accountant resume along with a free accountant resume sample. If you want to become a successful candidate for accounting jobs, these tips should help you get the job you deserve. 

  • Divide into five parts: Every resume has five parts to it – name and contact, objective/summary, experience, skills and education. What you present in these five sections is as important as how you present it.
  • Choose a format: The first step to organising the information on your resume is selecting a resume format. Based on your experience, choice of career or industry, you can pick either a chronological, functional or hybrid resume format. Having a resume format in place not only ensures you don’t miss out on any important details but also lets it read in a flow. 

Check out more about the three common resume formats here: Resume Formats: Choose the One That’s Right for You

  • Be consistent: Once you have all your information in place, make sure you styling tools (bold, italics, etc.) with consistency and have the same spacing between paragraphs or sections.
  • Font: Use a clear font in a readable size. For example, Calibri 12 pt.
  • Spell-check: This is the last but the most important step. Never send out any email communication to the recruiter without having it thoroughly proof-checked. 

Below is an accountant resume example that you can choose to use for your next accountant resume.

Accountant Resume Sample 

Accountant Resume Sample

Now that you have a fair idea on how to write your accountant resume, get started with your job search. With the right accountant resume in hand, your search for accountant jobs is sure to fetch you better results. 


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